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January 2008

Travel Topic Index

We have started the process of converting our pages to support Google's Adsense. Any travel topic on the Travel Topic Index page shown in green indicates that the link goes to a page with the new format.  However, to remain user-friendly, our topic text remains free of ads. Ads are limited to a top banner ad and ads along the left column only on a topic page.


December 2007

Astronomy Travel  New

For those who want to travel as far as your backyard or to a distant corner of the world to witness eclipses, comets, meteors and objects we have placed in orbit around the earth.

Aurora Lights  New

Our travel pages for those who want to see Mother Nature's most spectacular light shows - the Northern and Southern Lights.

Kaliningrad District  New

All those  who knew that Russia had an enclave (piece of land) in Europe surrounded by other countries raise your hand!  Welcome to the Kaliningrad District.

November 2007

Travel Columnists 

We have the most complete list of travel columnists, by publication, of any travel site on the web.

Beijing 2008 Olympics New

We have a wonderful page for those planning to attend the Beijing 2008 Olympics with many links to sites with travel information.

Around The World Travel

Added this as a new travel topic covering around the world air fares and travel planning resources.

October 2007

Snow Sports New

Travel Topic - Snow Sports. Redesigned this page and added many more winter sports. You can now find information in the following categories: Ski Resorts, Ski Maps, Ski Reports, Downhill Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Shoeshoeing, Snowboarding, Dog Sledding, Ice Skating, Nordic Skating,  Snowmobiling, and Winter Festivals and Carnivals to include Ice Sculptures.

Natural Wonders New

New Travel Topic - Natural Wonders.  Background and travel information for those who want to see the top ten natural wonders of the world.

September 2007

Wifi Locations  New

New Travel Topic- Websites with worldwide lists of WiFi locations.

Prison Hotels  New

New Travel Topic-A comprehensive list of prison hotels.

August 2007

New 7 Wonders New

New Travel Topic-The New 7 Wonders of the World

Travel Podcasts New

Added a new Travel Podcasts Topic

Road Travel New

Added a new Road Travel Topic

July 2007

Driving Vacation New

Added a new Driving Vacation Travel Topic.

June 2007 United States New Added pages for the 50 states of the United States with a Lite Toolbar.
United States Regions
Added a new travel topic with a map and lists of the regions of the United States.
May 2007
Whale Watching New Added a Whale Watching topic covering worldwide whale watching activities.
Cities and Places
  • Added an A-Z Selection Index on the left frame for the Cities, Places and Language pages of the World Links section so you easily select a new city, place or language list that begins with a certain letter when you are presently viewing a specific city, place or language page. 

  • Added a direct link to Schoenhof's online bookstore Language aids for the language shown on each of our individual language pages. 

  • Redesigned the Fulfulde language page to make it easier to find and use since, in English, it is known by 3 different names: Fula, Fulani and Fulfulde. This language is spoken by 18 million people in Western Africa spread out over 17 countries.

  • Added a Lite Toolbar Help page.

April 2007 Cities and Places
  • Added a Lite Toolbar to all cities and places pages that do not have a Full Toolbar.  The Lite Toolbar includes links to Wikitravel, a webcam, and Amazon.com videos and books for the city or place.

  • Added a DMOZ Directory and About.com link for each city and place page.

March 2007 Sark Channel Island
Travel Sites New
Travel Guide
  • Added Sark Channel Island to Places.

  • Added new quick reference to popular travel sites.

  • Completed redesign of Travel Guides section.

February 2007 Travel Guide
Travel Blogs New
We are in the process of redesigning this section.
Added new travel topic.
January 2007 All Routine Maintenance
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