Central Asia Countries
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Kazakstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Afghanistan

The six countries shown above are generally considered to geographically comprise Central Asia. However  some organizations are now including one or more of these 3 countries in the list: Azerbaijan  Mongolia.

The Wikipedia History of Central Asia describes a history of the region and the present day situation.  AskAsia is an excellent educational source of information for teachers, students and others about Asia. Tourists will find it helpful also.


Wikitravel - Central Asia.  Comprehensive information with a separate page for each country. 
Google Central Asia Directory.  A comprehensive list of links with information provided by the Open Directory Project. 
Central Asia Travel.  Excellent website for information about tourists traveling to Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

National Geographic - Central Asia.  Excellent resource and links for Central Asian countries.

AsiaTravelMart.com.  Asiatravelmart.com is a leading Travel Reservation System provider in the Asian region and a Secure Electronic Payment Clearinghouse. Their revolutionary system empowers users to buy travel-related products and services directly from Asian suppliers at wholesale prices.

Asia Tours.  They cover the Central Asia countries.

Links on Central Asia.  An extensive collection of links for Central Asian countries.
The World of Central Asia with Advantour  This is another excellent and comprehensive web site with tourist information for Central Asia countries.

Lonely Planet - Central Asia  This link takes you to their general links for this region of the world.

Central Asia  The University of Texas at Austin has created a website covering background, non-tourist information about the region.

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