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Central Europe is a subgroup within Eastern Europe
Tourism sites often include additional neighboring countries


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Central Europe Countries
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Czech Republic

Germany Hungary






This is the usual list of Central Europe countries.  The concept of a Central Europe has evolved over time and varies each nation's perspective.  A country may be listed as a country of Central Europe and still be considered part of one or more other European regions.  Wikipedia's Central Europe article does a good job of explaining the differences.

Google Central and Eastern Europe Directory.  A comprehensive list of links with information provided by the Open Directory Project. 
About.com-Eastern Europe This is their Eastern Europe section with comprehensive travel information for Central and Eastern Europe countries.
Central Europe  An excellent site with tourist information on six of the Central Europe countries (Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia) plus Russia and Switzerland.
Central Europe Travel Links  An excellent site with tourist information on the Central Europe countries.

Find Our Community - Central Europe An excellent site with tourist information on all the Central Europe countries except Romania plus other countries in the area.
Europe Online.  An excellent site covering information from current news events to travel information for all the countries of Europe. A very beautiful and well- organized site.
Lonely Planet - Europe  This link takes you to their list of countries of Europe.
Virtual Tourist- Europe  This is the Virtual Tourist section on Europe which includes travel information for the Eastern Europe countries.
VisitEurope.com  This is the European Travel Commission site with detailed information on their 29 European country members.  It is an excellent place to start planning your trip to Europe.  Their Dateline Europe section has weekly travel news updates of interest to tourists.  They have many other sections of interest to first-time and veteran travelers. This is a very well laid out and easy to navigate site.

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