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Here are some good Wikipedia articles on European regions:
Europe: Central, Eastern , Western, Northern and Southern Europe

Also see our separate pages on Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

Google Europe Directory.  A comprehensive list of links with information provided by the Open Directory Project. 
Co-Op Travel
 U.K. Based Travel Agency offering discount tour packages. 
This is the European Travel Commission site with detailed information on their 29 European country members.  It is an excellent place to start planning your trip to Europe.  Their Dateline Europe section has weekly travel news updates of interest to tourists.  They have many other sections of interest to first-time and veteran travelers. This is a very well laid out and easy to navigate site.  One of the best and most comprehensive collection of travel and tour options for Europe on the web.  They are an independent website.  An excellent user interface and coverage.

Europe Online.  An excellent site covering information from current news events to travel information for all the countries of Europe . A very beautiful and well- organized site.

Europe Travel Blog - Tips for Americans Traveling in Europe  An excellent website for Americans headed off to Europe.  Many good articles on things you should know when in Europe.

International Centre For Island Studies. Covers over 185 islands of the world. Select Regional Index or Island Index from their home page.

Global Islands Network. Covers over 185 islands of the world. A great resource for islands of the world with excellent links to other island resources.
They have the most comprehensive directory of websites directly related to specific islands and island groups that we have found online. Click on the Island Directory to go to their information on the islands of the world. Table

Lonely Planet - Europe  This link takes you to their list of countries for this region of the world.

Travelocity European Guide  The Travelocity European Guide is provided by Frommer's, a leading travel information source. Besides all the wonderful tourist information, you can book a European vacation package, hotels, airline tickets, cruises and car rentals.

The Coastal Guide To Europe  The
Coastal Guide to Europe provides information to visitors of coastal and marine areas of Europe with special attention given to natural and cultural heritage and marine wildlife.

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