Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of water on the planet and covers about 20% of the planet's surface.

Indian Ocean Places - Table is at bottom of this page.
Google Search - Indian Ocean Islands - Indian Ocean Islands best list on the web.

Google Indian Ocean.  A comprehensive list of links with information on countries and islands of the Indian Ocean. 
Indian Ocean Vacation This beautiful site covers luxury vacations, cruises and tours to places in the Indian Ocean.
Global Islands Network. Covers over 185 islands of the world. A great resource for islands of the world with excellent links to other island resources.
They have the most comprehensive directory of websites directly related to specific islands and island groups that we have found online. Click on the Island Directory to go to their information on the islands of the world. Table
Lonely Planet-Indian Ocean  This link takes you to their search results for this region of the world. Enter the name of the place in the Indian Ocean you want to visit in their Search box.

Indian Ocean Places
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Name Google


Andaman Island Tourism India
Chagos Archipelago Tourism U.K.  Diego Garcia largest island
Christmas Island Tourism Australia
Cocos Island Tourism Australia
Comoros Tourism France
Heard Island Tourism Australia
Java Tourism Indonesia
Lakshadweep Islands Tourism India
Madagascar Tourism Independent nation
Maldives Tourism Independent nation
Mauritius Tourism Independent nation
Mayotte Tourism France
McDonald Island Tourism Australia
Nicobar Islands Tourism India
Reunion Island Tourism France
Seychelles Tourism Independent nation
Sri Lanka Tourism Independent nation
Sumatra Tourism Indonesia
Tasmania Tourism Australia
Timor and East Timor Tourism Indonesia and East Timor
Zanzibar Tourism Tanzania

*There are at least 80 significant large and small islands in the Indian Ocean.  We list some of the more well-known ones.

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