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Google South America Directory.  A comprehensive list of links with information provided by the Open Directory Project. 
Columbus Guides - South America. Beautiful map of South America- click on a country or select from the country list below the map. This will take you to their excellent travel guide for that country.  Well done Columbus Travel Publishing Ltd!

South American Explorers Online
. The non-profit South American Explorers (SAE) is one of the best overall source of travel information for Central and South America.  Especially if you are an independent traveler, hiker or backpacker.  It is supported almost entirely by contributions from its members.  SAE aids educational and scientific projects, sponsors expeditions, promotes worthy community service organizations and activities, and greater interest in and appreciation of Latin America.

Global Islands Network. Covers over 185 islands of the world. A great resource for islands of the world with excellent links to other island resources.
They have the most comprehensive directory of websites directly related to specific islands and island groups that we have found online. Click on the Island Directory to go to their information on the islands of the world. Table

iExplore! Another excellent source of travel information for South America including tour listings. A beautiful, comprehensive site.
Last Frontiers  They specialize in tailor-made travel to Latin America (South and Central America and Antarctica) - working with you to design a suitable itinerary to fit your interests, budget and time available. They have sample itineraries on their website but will also make a custom itinerary for you. Contact them to discuss the areas and ideas that appeal to you and they will give you a cost quote. They also have a nice page summarizing all the air passes available for travel in Latin America.

Lonely Planet-South America  This link takes you to their list of countries for this region of the world.

South America For Visitors excellent and very comprehensive website on South American countries.  One of the best sources of information on the web.

Planeta.Com/South America  Excellent coverage of South America with the focus on eco-travel but also plenty of information and links to general tourism sites as well.

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