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The Southern Ocean was officially designated as an ocean in 2000 by the International Hydrographic Organization bringing to 5 the number of oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern).  Its area includes all water below 60 degrees south, some of which is frozen either part or all of the year. Of course, Antarctica is the continent surrounded by the Southern Ocean.

If you want to search the web for trips and tours to the few Southern Ocean islands, use the specific island name and include the word "Antarctica".  There is not much tourism listed under the search words "Southern Ocean Trips and Tours." as "Southern Ocean" is not a well-known to the general public.
(The name became official in 2000.)

Wikipedia  -  background information   and   Wikitravel  -  travel information 

Southern Ocean islands -
 Our Table at bottom of this page lists some of the commonly visited islands.
Google Search - Southern Ocean Islands and Antarctica Trips and Tours. - Search by specific island name.    Here are some free Southern Ocean online videos.
Destination- Antarctica - Our page on Antarctica includes detailed information on the islands off the Antarctic Peninsula which are where the majority of islands are that are visited in the Southern Ocean.

Photographs of Antarctica.   If you can't find good pictures of a place you are interested in that is a Southern Ocean island, go to this page. It It is the website and their list of photos of places in Antarctica. use the search box to enter a specific island or place.  These photos are submitted by people from all over the world and they have over a million photos so far.

National Geographic Traveler - TripMarks  Good links to websites on Antarctica.

Google Antarctica Directory.  A comprehensive list of links provided by the Open Directory Project. 

Paul Carroll's South Atlantic and Subantarctic  Paul has one of the best websites with information on South Atlantic and Subantarctic just to the North of the Southern Ocean.  It covers the geography, history, and plant and animal life on these islands.

International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. Consider choosing one of the tour companies that are a member of this organization (IAATO).  It is dedicated to preserving the unspoiled beauty of Antarctica.
Global Islands Network. Covers over 2000 islands of the world. A great resource for non-tourist background information on islands with excellent links to other island resources.
They have the most comprehensive directory of websites directly related to specific islands and island groups that we have found online. Here is their list of Southern Ocean islands and links.

Lonely Planet-Antarctica  Practical planning information and some good links to Antarctica cruises.  

AtlasTravelWeb. They have compiled a list of various Antarctica tour operators and cruise lines who specialize in travel to Antarctica and have conveniently categorized them by trip length.

The Southern Ocean. Overview of the Southern Ocean and the latest Southern Ocean science news.

Polar Cruises - Antarctica. One of the premier Antarctica cruise websites with beautiful pictures and information on all the ships with tours to Antarctica.  You can book through them also. Birding Trips, Tours - Antarctica. Birding (bird-watching) tours to Antarctica and Southern Ocean islands.

Antarctic Heritage Trust. Heritage Antarctica is a coalition of national Antarctic Heritage Trusts, who have come together to:

" Promote the restoration, preservation and protection of the structures, artifacts and records which reflect the history of human endeavor in Antarctica, as a means to increase understanding of the importance of the Antarctic environment and as an inspiration for future generations."

They maintain a list of historical Antarctic land sites.

The Antarctic Circle. This website is a non-commercial forum and resource on historical, literary, bibliographical, artistic and cultural aspects of Antarctica and the South Polar regions. The Antarctic Circle organization is an informal international group of scholars and knowledgeable amateurs interested or involved in non-scientific Antarctic studies.  See their list of Antarctic Historical Sites.

Southern Ocean Places - Some Islands
A comprehensive list of islands is maintained by IAATO    Wikipedia also has an extensive list
Also see our Destination-Antarctica page.
Alexander Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
Anvers Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia    webcam
            southwest area of island**
Balleny Islands 3 main islands: Young Buckle Sturge Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
Clarence Island Area map  island map*  pictures  tours  wikipedia
Coulman Island Area map  island map*  pictures  tours  wikipedia  
Cuverville Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
                                pictures and videos 
Deception Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
Elephant Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours wikipedia
Goudier Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours
Port Lockroy - Pics  

Half Moon Island

Area map  island map*  pictures   tours  wikipedia
King George Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
Livingston Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
Melchior Island Area map  island map*  pic1 2 3   tours 
Petermann Island Area map  island map*  pictures   tours  wikipedia
Paulet Island Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia

Penguin Island

Area map  island map   picture    tours  wikipedia
Scott Island Area map  island map*  pictures   tours  wikipedia
South Orkney Islands Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia
South Shetland Islands Area map  island map   pictures   tours  wikipedia

Many tours to Antarctica include stops at one or more of these islands. Other islands such as the Falklands and South Georgia Island are also visited as part of Antarctic cruises but they are a little north of the Southern Ocean.

*We have made a good search of the web for maps of these islands but haven't been able to find any,  Some are so small and uninhabited that no one has bothered to make a map - except for navigation charts.
Please let us know if you find any maps of these islands by using our feedback form. Thanks.

**The southwest area of Anvers island is the area visited by Antarctica cruises and this map is the best we have found. Ours thanks to Dr. Hugh Ducklow. Director, The Ecosystems Center,  for giving us the web address of this map.  If we find a good detailed map of the entire island, we will include that also but our searches haven't discovered such a map yet.

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