HH01532A.gif (1581 bytes) Our Travel Library will help you find travel and language information quickly. We organize topics in a convenient format and normally link you directly to another site's page with the information.  We also include their home page if you want to go there.
If you are new to using the web for travel planning, see our Online Travel Primer.



Travel Topics We have an alphabetical index of over 200 travel topics with quality links to comprehensive or otherwise interesting sites.
  • We have some good well-known and, sometimes, some not-so-well-known, sources of information especially for remote and adventurous places. These are organized by world regions. Many of the sources not only have tourist information, but also tell about a country's geography, people and their culture.  Some are first-person accounts.
  • World Links-Cities and Places. If you have a specific place in mind (country, territory, island or city), Click to go to our World Links-Cities or Places main page. Then select the city or place page you want.
  • Some good sources of information on the languages of the world. Includes links to sites where you can buy language materials or where you can find out more about languages in general.
  • World Links-Languages. If you have a specific language in mind, click here to go to our World Links-Languages page. Then select the language and go directly to it.
Travel Agencies Lists some of the top travel agencies on the web. We also link you to sites that have rated them. Your local travel agent will still provide you with more consistency in meeting basic travel needs than most sites, but on-line travel is gaining in popularity.
Travel Guides Lists some of the best travel guides on the web whether or not they are associated with an on-line travel agency. This is where you can find detailed travel information about a place (country, territory, or island).  Many are on-line versions of popular printed travel guides.   Some let you search by cities of the world and other criterion.