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Adventure Health

Yes, life is one, big adventure. But if you start hiking off into the wilderness, you need to know about some resources for staying healthy when traveling off the beaten path.

There are two types of Adventure Health websites - those that provide information on maintaining your health while on an adventure trip and those that offer travel for specific health activities like visiting spas and health/fitness tours.  Some cover both types and some are just an odd-ball assortment of travel links having nothing to do with either adventure or health!  They just use Adventure Health as a come-on phrase to get you to their website.

We focus on sites that help you stay health. To search for health and fitness tours, try Sports Travel, Fitness Travel, or Health Travel in a Search Engine. Or just combine a specific location and activity (e.g., California spa vacations).

Quick Reference


For Travelers on Medicare

U.S. State Department - Medical Information for Americans Going Abroad.  Medicare does not cover medical expenses outside the United States. The State Department has put together a good list with links to Travel Insurance companies, Air Ambulances, Med-Evac services and Executive Medical Services.
About.com - Adventure Travel - Travel Health and Safety  As always, About.com is an excellent source of information.
Adventures Without Limits  They list and link to four major organizations that deal with wilderness medicine.
Adventure Network - First Aid and Safety  A good list of articles on covering eyewear, first aid, fitness, health tips, nutrition, stings and bites, sun protection, survival and drinking and using water on your adventure.
Amazon Adventure Health and Disease.  Provides information on the health situation in the Amazon basin, diseases, and what to expect in case of a medical emergency.
High Altitude Medicine Guide  They provide medical information on health issues affecting travelers to high mountainous regions of the world. They have a wealth of information for climbers, hikers and backpackers. This is an excellent site.
Traveler's Health - The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) section with practical information for people traveling worldwide.  See box below.
Wilderness Medicine.  Goneawol.com lists and links to four major organizations that deal with wilderness medicine.

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