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Airline Safety

Here are some good sites with airline safety information.  For those who fear flying for whatever reason, check out our Fearful Flyer section at the bottom of this page.  Also see our Travel Security page.
AirSafe.com  This site has the most comprehensive information about airline safety for people flying as passengers that we have found on the web. They have done an excellent job. It has advice and personal safety tips and publishes the AirSafe Journal. There are also links to other sites. It tracks airline accidents and lists them. They also have air safety links to other sites.
Air Travelers Association   The Air Travelers Association website describes their organization and membership benefits. The site does not have any on-line air safety information. They focus on the following air travel issues - safety, security, savings, and service. As part of its safety mandate, the association publishes the Airline Safety Report CardSM for its members, which grades airlines based on their fatal accident histories. They also testify at government hearings on behalf of their members.
Wikipedia - Air Safety  An extensive article on air safety including many links to other websites.
Fly Smart - Air Traveler Guide This is an FAA guide for air travelers on general air safety and air travel advice. Yes, it does have some useful information including the safety record of airlines and specific types of aircraft.
Fearful Flyers

Here are some resources that may help you overcome your fear of flying.

Anxieties.com Created by the psychologist who created American Airlines' first fearful flyer program. They cover many types of anxieties and offer free online self-help courses to overcome a particular anxiety. Here is their Fear of Flying section.
Fear of Flying Clinic   Based at San Francisco International Airport.
Fear of Flying Help Course Airline captain Stacey Chance's self-help course.
SOAR Inc. Former airline pilot Tom Bunn, who is also a licensed therapist, offers counseling by phone, plus a weekly chat and message board.
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