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Airline Seating and Seat Maps
Most airline sites and online travel agencies have airline seating charts. Some just show you the layout for each type aircraft so you can try to get a good seat. Others let you look at the available seats for a specific flight. If you are making an online reservation, all major airlines have a seat map showing the seats available once you select a flight. Most show you emergency rows and bulkheads, but not other details. Airline seating websites provide seat pitch and other details along with independent reviews of an airline's seats.
If you can't find what you want with the links we provide, just click Google Airline Seating and an excellent list of websites with airline seating information will be displayed.
SeatGuru.com.   This is the best airline seating website we have found. It is very popular.  Select an airline, which brings up a general information page and then select your aircraft type. A seat map graphic is presented along with detailed seat specific comments denoting seats with limited recline, reduced legroom, and mis-aligned windows.  Superior and substandard seats are color coded. Includes in-seat power port locations, and galley, lavatory, exit row and closet locations. Plus other good air travel information.
SeatExpert.com.   This is another good, very comprehensive site with easy navigation. You just select the airline on the homepage and a menu appears next to it with a list of aircraft makes and models they fly. You just run your mouse down the list and click on your aircraft.
SKYTRAX- Seats.   This is an excellent air travel website. Their Seats section has extensive information about airline seats, including reviews, as well as, seating charts for airlines.  Use the Seating Guide and Seat Reviews pull-down menu items on this page to find what you want.
Travelocity Airline Seat Map.   If you make a plane reservation through Travelocity and your flight has been confirmed, you get a reservations recap screen that displays the airlines in your itinerary. You can either make your own seat selection after viewing seat maps of participating airlines in your itinerary or you can bypass this option and let Travelocity select your seats, based on availability and the seating preferences in your personal profile. 
Airtimetable.com - Airline Seat Maps.  Excellent organization. Airlines are listed alphabetical.  For each airline, they link you directly to seat information from four, popular airline seat map websites (if that site has information for that airline).  The four sites are LoveMySeat*, Seat Guru, Seat Expert, and Seat Tips. (*LoveMySeat no longer exists and you are linked to Seat Guru instead.)
About.com-Airline Seat Maps.  They provide a detailed list of Airline Seat Maps and Charts for US and International Airlines and good tips on how to get a good seat.
LoveMySeat.com.   This site no longer exists and you are taken to SeatGuru.com instead.
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