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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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If Orville and Wilbur Wright and other aviation pioneers came back today, they would think they were on another planet. We can fly to any corner of the world in relative comfort.  But the airline industry and air travel is still in a primitive stage as far as how they treat passengers.  Albert Einstein, back in the 1940's, remarked "Technology has outpaced humanity."  Air travel is certainly a prime example of that!  Delayed flights, prisoners on taxiways or while still at the gate, lost luggage, feeling like a sardine, prices that are based on what the market will bear, these are all things confronting the air traveler.  But we have no choice when we have little time to get from Point A to Point B.

There are hundreds of airlines operating in the world today and some exciting new aircraft will be coming into service in the next few years. See our box below.

Our Pages Related to Air Travel

Airlines - You are here.  Links to all the world's airlines. Airline Safety - Here are some websites with information on air safety.
Air Fares Links to all the major air fare Airline Seating - Not all seats are created equal, even in economy.
Air Passes - Save money traveling within regions of the world. Airport Transit  - How to get to and from airports in the world.
Air Travel - Everything you want to know about air travel. Airports - Links to airport websites worldwide.
Flight Location - Links to real-time flight information systems. Frequent Flyer - We link to popular frequent flyer websites.
Air Consolidators - All about air consolidators to save you money. Air Travel Rights - Well, you do have a few rights. Become an activist!
Air Charters - Air charter information for the rich and not so rich. European Low Fare Airlines - Comprehensive links to find them.

And if you want to fly in a real fighter jet and even be in a dogfight, see our Fighter Flights topic.

Wikipedia - List of Airlines.  This is one of the most complete lists we have found. It includes a link to the airline's website.  They indicate defunct airlines as well.
Landings-Airlines and Charters on the Web.   This section of the Landings site is the most comprehensive list we have run across. They have an A-Z search list with links, it seems, to every airline in the world!
AirInfo - Airline Information.   This section of the Air Info Site lists major airlines and has links to three good sources of comprehensive lists by other sites.
European Airlines

European Low-Fare Airlines.  This link takes you to our European Low Fare Airlines page where we have a chart with links to European low-fare airlines and to European low-fare airline search engines.
ETN- Low Cost Airlines in Europe.  One of the most complete listings of low-cost European airlines we have found. It is a gold mine of information.
Wikitravel - Discount Airlines in Europe.   Good information on European discount airlines with links to them.
Attitude Travel _European Low-Cost Airlines.  Excellent website. Includes a map of where low-cost airlines operate in Europe.

Airline Alliances

Wikipedia - Air Alliance Here is their article on airline alliances with a nice comparison chart.
One World Alliance This is an alliance of ten airlines "working together to give you the best service possible".  This is their homepage with information on the alliance and links to the participating airline websites. here is the list of their member airlines.
Star Alliance This is an alliance of 20 airlines.  Here is the list of their member airlines.
SkyTeam SkyTeam is an alliance of ten airlines.  Here is the list of their member airlines.


The Near Future of Air Travel

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airbus A380 Double-Decker
Imagine in our lifetime, the possibility of a restroom that is bigger than a porta-potty! That is one of the promises of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that will take to the sky when it is placed in commercial service in 2008. The only double-decker aircraft in the world.  It entered service on October 25, 2007 with the Singapore Airlines flight to Sydney. Here are pictures. It will revolutionize the airline industry just like the Dreamliner.
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