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Airport Transit

Here are some websites that tell you your options for getting from the airport to downtown in major U.S. and international cities. The best way to find out your ground transportation options at an airport is to do a web search either using the airport name, or the airport name and the words: Ground Transportation.  Almost all airport websites have a section on Ground Transportation. 
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Airport Websites

Worldwide Airports A-Z.  This is the SKYTRAX worldwide airport directory with links to airport site webpages.
Airline and Airport Links.com. This is their airport links section with an alphabetically list of airports around the world.
International Airport Directory. This is organized by regions of the world.
QuickAid.  This is a neat little site that lists airports around the world and gives you quick information on ground transportation options including costs, shops and services, and it even has terminal maps. They also have other links and information at this site. The navigation is excellent to find what you want.  They make the QuickATM Kiosks at U.S. airports and railway stations.  These are touch screen systems that provide travel information.
United States Airport Directory. This is organized by states within the United States.
World Airport Guide.  Columbus Publishing has an excellent worldwide airport guide that is easy to use and includes advice and getting to and from an airport, airport maps, etc. 

Airport Shuttle Service

SuperShuttle  National van service offering rides to and from airports within the United States. You can make online reservations.
Shuttle Express.  This airport shuttle service covers U.S. and Canadian airports.
AirportService.com  This is a worldwide airport limousine service.
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