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Most of the major airports of the world have their own websites. All the major online Travel Agencies have airport information. Here are some sites that have comprehensive lists and links to airport websites.  See also our Airport Transit page for options to get to and from an airport in the world.  For real-time tracking of flights, see our Real-Time Flight Status page.

If you want to use a search engine to find an airport website, try these two ways:
  • Enter the city name where the airport is located, the + sign and the word "airport". Example: New York + airport
  • Enter the 3-letter airport code, the + sign and the word "airport". Example: LAX+ airport.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Air Travel. 
This is their air travel page.
Security Checkpoints Wait Times.  Select state, airport, day of week, and time you are departing from pull-down menus. This is historical data on wait times. They also have a link to the airport's website.
Airport Delays.   FAA ATC System Command Center. Go here for real-time information on flight delays at major U.S. airports.

Airport Delays via Wireless Service. This link will take you to the FAA Aviation Information System (AIS) where you can subscribe to get the real-time operating status of the nation's largest airports sent directly to your wireless device (e.g., pager, cell or mobile phone, PDA or e-mail client). You can also update your account preferences and unsubscribe.
Airport Codes 
Travel Tip: It is always good to look at your baggage claim stub when you get the folder back, especially if traveling outside your own country.  Make sure the 3-letter code matches your destination code on your ticket. Here are some websites you can look up codes.
Driving To The Airport
MapPoint Web Service
  This is Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service. For North American airports, click on Place Name and enter the name of the airport and city and then click Get Map.  A page will be displayed showing the location of the airport in the city. (Note: Microsoft acquired MapQuest and merged it with Microsoft's web map product to form this website.)
Sleeping in the Airport

Sleepinginairports.netIf you think you will need to sleep in an airport, go to this site and read the reviews about the "sleep comfort and safety" of airports around the world.
Air Travel Center -Worldwide Airports.  This is the best site we have found that has the most comprehensive information and links to sites that will let you find any airport in the world. Scroll down their page to the category for Worldwide Airports. They have a wealth of information and links.

World Airport Guide.  Columbus Publishing has an excellent worldwide airport guide that is easy to use and includes advice and getting to and from an airport, airport maps, etc. 

FAA Travelers Section.   This is the FAA Air Travel information section on their website.  It has useful advice and links covering all phases of air travel from before you leave home  (e.g. what to wear, packing) to your arrival at your destination. 

QuickAid.-Airport Section. A good list of major U.S. and international airports. When you click on an airport you are taken to QuickAid's own page for that airport. If there is a terminal map for the airport, it will be listed in the initial category choices (e.g., Ground Transportation, Hotel Information, Airlines, Terminal Maps, and Airport Yellow Pages.) 
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