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For those interested in archeology (also spelled "archaeology") or who want to be the next "Indiana Jones", here are some good web sites covering the subject. And remember "Never trust anybody!".

There are basically two types of archeological trips you can take.
  • Archeological Tours.  These are trips to archeological sites such as Macchu Picchu in Peru. You can either be part of a tour or visit a site on your own as an independent traveler.  Some archeological tours are full packages including travel to and from your country to the site. Other tours are local tours you sign up for once you are in the country or in a town or city near the site.
  • Archeological Digs.  These are trips you can take to be part of an archeological dig. A dig is the excavation of an archeological site somewhere in the world. Archaeology digs are conducted by museums, universities, archeological organizations, private firms, and historical societies.  There are digs going on at all times of the year in various parts of the planet. Some digs take volunteers, some are limited to professionals or student archaeologists, and some are combinations. Some archaeology digs last for months and some only last a few days or weeks.  Digs are not limited to the land.  There are also underwater excavations.

General Archeological Websites

About.com Archeology Section  This is one of the most comprehensive list of links and information on archeology we have found on the web.  They have done an outstanding job. They cover both archeological tours and digs. They also cover many other topics on archeology.

Archeology By country.  This is the excellent About.com's list of archeological organizations, activities and sites worldwide -- listed by region and then by countries within the region.

Archaeology Magazine.  This is an excellent, online magazine of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Current Archaeology.  This is the website of Britain’s leading archaeological magazine. It covers digs and what is happening in archaeology not just in the United Kingdom, but worldwide as well.  It covers many other archeological topics as well.  It is also an excellent source of archeological information.

Archeological Tours

The quickest way to see a list of tours to an archeological site you are interested in is simply to do a web search with the site name + tours. Example:  Macchu Picchu tours
Archeological Tours. This is the tour section of the excellent archeologicaldigs.blogspot.com website.
About.com Archeology Tours  This is a search of the About.com Archeological section for tours.
Google Search - Archaeological Tours This is a Google search for archeological tours.
Specialty Travel Index.  One of the best places on the web to find tour companies and outfitters for archeology. Select this subject from the activities list and then select the country to get a list of outfitters and tour operators.

Archeological Digs

The quickest way to see if you would be able to participate in a dig you are interested in is simply to do a web search with the name of the archeological dig site or a country, region or city name. Also by the subject of the dig. Examples:  Easter Island archeological digs,  Australia archeological digs, biblical archeological digs.
About.com Archeology Digs.  This is one of the two best list and links we have found for archeological digs in the world.
Ilovethepast.com -Archeological Digs.  This is the other best website we have found devoted to archeological digs in the world.
Google Search - Archaeological Digs. This is a Google search for Archeological digs.
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