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It is clear to everyone that astronomy at all events compels the soul to look upwards, and draws it from the things of this world to the other. - Plato, Greek philosopher, lived 427 - 347 BC (BCE)

Astronomy travel is also referred to as astronomy tourism and astronomical travel. We offer information for those who want to travel somewhere to gaze at the universe through a telescope or experience eclipses, meteor showers and other phenomena of the heavens.  Even if you don't own a telescope, you and your kids and family will find it awe-inspiring to look at the stars and planets through a telescope or to watch a comet, meteor shower or eclipse occasionally.  Even looking up at the heavens on a dark night while camping under the stars and seeing a passing satellite go across the sky is a fascinating experience.  A good way to gaze at the heavens through a telescope is to contact a local astronomer club and see when they are having a stargazing meeting, called a "star Party" and see if you can come as a guest.

If you want to see the Northern or Southern Lights, visit our Aurora lights page.

Sky and Telescope
magazine is an excellent source of astronomy information.                 *** Exceptional web site

Neat Sites in Astronomy. Kirk Korista has a wonderful little website with a single page of excellent links to astronomy related websites listed under various categories.

Finally, to show you the wonder of looking at the stars, gaze upon a 360-degree virtual panorama of our own Milky Way Galaxy.  And if that isn't enough to take your breath away, here is a 360-degree panorama of the first landing on the moon.

Astronomical Tours
Here are some directories of astronomical tour companies that offer trips related to exploring the heavens.  

 Some tour companies



Spears Travel


Astronomical Tour- Bolivia

Comets and Meteor Showers
Here are some websites that forecast upcoming comets and meteor showers. 

 Some forecast websites





   *scroll down the page to find this topic.

Watching satellites and the international space station go overhead
These websites provide viewing information if you want to see a satellite or the international space station go overhead in your area.

 Some forecast websites


Heavens Above***

NASA Tracking

J-Pass Track Visible Satellites

Solar and Lunar Eclipses
They are not often, but when they do occur they are not always viewable from everywhere on the planet.  And usually there is a place you can travel to for the best viewing.

When doing a web search, no matter if you enter only solar or lunar eclipse tours, you will get both.

 Some forecast websites






 Solar/lunar eclipse tours

Google - 2008



Eclipse Journeys


There are total solar eclipses for the next 3 years 2008, 2009, 2010


EclipseTours Wilderness Travel - Mongolia  Polynesia


Sirius Travel

Spears Travel

OARS They hadn't updated their website yet for their 2009 Fiji eclipse trip the last time we checked.

Visit Observatories
Many of the world's great astronomical observatories are open to the public. Your local university or college may have a smaller observatory and allow visitors to come and view the stars some nights.  If you're around in 2016, you can see pictures from the Giant Magellan telescope presently being built which will be far larger than any existing telescope. The pictures will be 10 times sharper than the Hubble Space telescope.

 Some observatory websites



Open Directory

Astroid Meteors


World Observatories

Visit Planetariums
Many museums have planetariums that display the heavens on a dome you sit under in a darkened room.  Some are being converted to Imax theaters that can not only shows astronomical

 Some planetarium websites



International Planetarium Society


Finding an Astronomy Club
If you want to look through a telescope when you don't own one of your own, then contacting a local astronomy club may be your best bet.  They will usually allow you to attend star gazing nights ("star parties") where club members set up their telescopes and let people look through them.

 Some club directories




Star parties

Find a Star Party in your Area

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