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Auto Clubs

Automobile or motor clubs, as they are also called, provide various services to members. This usually includes travel services, auto insurance, emergency roadside assistance, and travel discounts.  Some are full-service and others are limited-service clubs and have various pricing plans.  They are typically associated with auto insurance or service station companies or are a separate travel organization. There are also in-vehicle communication systems that provide or allow access to roadside assistance services.

Roadside Assistance / Auto Clubs

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AARP Motoring Plan.  The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has an auto club provided by the GE Motor Club with United States coverage.  They have several types of plans.
Allstate Motor Club.  AMC covers the United States.  Their member services are comprehensive.
American Automobile Association (AAA).  You have to enter your home postal zone (Canada) or zip code (United States) to get to your local auto club website whether or not you are a member. Here is a list of local AAA chapters in the U.S. They also have agreements with auto clubs in other countries.
American Motorcycle Club  AMC has a roadside assistance program for their members.
Better World Club.  BWC covers the United States and provides the typical 24-hour roadside emergency services.  Memberships includes insurance, travel discounts, and maps and.  They have various membership categories and have programs to be environmentally friendly.
BP Motor ClubThe BP Motor Club is provided by Ocoma Industries, Inc., a GE Financial Assurance company and has been around for over 30 years. 
Chevron Travel Club. This is the Chevron Travel Club website with U.S. roadside service, personal trip routing, car rental discounts and insurance benefits, among other things.
Drive America.  Covers the United States. Their Benefits Overview page lists their roadside assistance and other services. 
DriverShield Auto Club. They provide basic roadside assistance. Here is their Benefits page.
Paragon Motor Club. They have both a roadside assistance program and an extended warranty program covering just about any type of vehicle including motorcycles and RVs.

In-Vehicle Communication (IVC) Systems

An IVC provide a real-time, two-way voice and data link capability between you and your vehicle and a remote support facility while driving.
  • Wikipedia Overview on OnStar gives a good description of what an IVC system can do.
  • OnStar. The General Motors IVC system available on some GM cars. Here is information on their roadside assistance plan.
  • BMW Assist. This is the name of the IVC system that BMW offers.
  • Ford.  Starting for the 2008 model year, their IVC system will be available on 2008 Focus, Fusion, Five Hundred, Edge, Freestyle, Explorer, Sport Trac, Mercury Milan, Montego, Mountaineer, and the Lincoln MKX and MKX models.
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