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Do you love autumn, falling leaves and the crisp air? We do. Here are some wonderful sites that have information on places where autumn is a colorful experience.  You will find this a good starting point in planning your trip. In the Northern Hemisphere (e.g., Europe, United States and Canada), Autumn is September to mid-December with the general season for the best leaf-watching from mid-September thru November.  In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn is from  March to June.
When To Go.  By states of the United States, from Road and Travel magazine.
Fall Foliage Webcams.  Excellent list from Forestry.about.com.
Why Leaves Change Color.  A brief explanation from the  FoliageNetwork.com.
Fall and Autumn Festivals Worldwide Excellent guide to worldwide Fall and Autumn festivals.
Yankee Foliage Map  Interactive Google map to explore Fall foliage in New England, USA.
Google Search - Fall Autumn Foliage Worldwide     Good list. Also search by the place name + fall tours.
About.com -The Complete Autumn Leaf and Fall Color Guide  One of the best websites we have found for information about Autumn foliage and travel options.  Also visit their other section on fall foliage: About.com Guide to Fall Colors.
The Miracle of Fall. The University of Illinois Extension has a wonderful website with everything you want to known about fall foliage, such as why tree leaves change color and fall to the ground, with links to webcams, driving tours, and fall festivals and events. They also have a nice list of foliage trees with beautiful pictures of their leaves.
FoliageNetwork. Firsthand foliage reports, updated twice weekly for states of the USA.  Also try their Places to Stay web section. Although limited, they do have one of the easiest and best look-up designs for lodging.
FoliageWorld.com - A Guide to fall Foliage. Guides for State within the United States and Fall Foliage reports for both the United States and Canada.
How to Photograph Fall Colors. The New York Institute of Photography's has a nice website to tell you all about taking the best pictures of autumn's splendor.
Bed and Breakfast. Staying at a bed and breakfast is the perfect compliment to traveling around to see fall colors and events. This link will take you to our Bed and Breakfast web page with comprehensive links to bed and breakfast websites worldwide.
Yahoo - Fall Foliage Directory. This directory has an extensive list of both Canadian and U.S. websites covering Autumn travel and tours.

Travel Notes - The Best Fall Foliage Travel Sites in America. This article has links to fall foliage information for states of the USA.
Escorted Fall Foliage Tours  From budget to deluxe escorted tours covering the Eastern U.S. and Canada.
GORP - Outdoor Autumn Adventures  Excellent list of outdoor activities for Fall adventures.

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