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Baggage Allowance and Policies

Ask your travel agent, the airline or go to an airline's website to find out about their baggage policy. We have only found a few sources on the web so far that lists the baggage policies of many airlines.

Do not put valuables or prescription medications in checked luggage. Put a copy of you itinerary and contact information in your luggage so they can find you during your trip if your luggage is lost or delayed. In the United States, you can buy luggage locks that you can lock but the TSA can still open. Look for that notice when you buy a padlock.

See our Travel Security Page for government regulations relating to baggage when going by air, rail or ship.
Doing a Web Search for Baggage Policies

The easiest way to find out the baggage rules for a specific airline, cruise ship, train or bus company is to do a web search. Use the company name and the following alternate combinations of key words:
Baggage or Luggage Special equipment
baggage, luggage or carryons
policy, rules, or regulations

golf clubs, skis, child seat, bicycle, diving equipment

baggage, luggage
+ policy, rules, or regulations

Air France baggage rules
Princess Cruise luggage policy

AMTRAK baggage policy

American Airlines ski baggage rules
British Airways diving equipment baggage policy

AMTRAK bicycle baggage policy
Some Airline Baggage Policies.  Harrison Luggage has put together this list.
USTOA Airline Baggage Allowances.  The United States Tour Operators Association has a good chart providing an overview of airline baggage allowances.
OAG IATA Baggage Rules.  Another good list of baggage rules.
American Express Baggage Allowance Chart.  This is a pdf document, so right-mouse click on this link and select Save Target As - baggage allowance pdf.
Qantas - Australian Government Baggage Rules.  They list the baggage rules depending on your destination on flights leaving Australia.
www.globalbagtags.com  This is a unique service which offers protection for your luggage and valuables worldwide whenever you travel. Their heavy duty luggage tags and security stickers fix securely to your baggage. Full details of your luggage, travel itinerary and contact details are stored in their secure database and can be updated at anytime.
Worldwide Bicycle Airline Regulations  The International Bicycle Fund has put together a good article about taking your bike along on a flight.
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