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Black Travel

Our Black Travel section covers two topics:  One is a list of some popular travel agencies and tour companies that specialize in travel and tours related to black culture. The other topic consists of links to websites that describe some important places you can visit in the world that were part of the history of the Black slave trade, the civil rights movement in the United States and the Apartheid struggle in South Africa.

We recognize there have been struggles for black freedom in other countries both from slavery and from European colonization but only have the resources to include some of the major ones. If you know of tours available related to the struggle for freedom and democracy in your country, use our feedback form to tell us about the and we will review them for inclusion on this page. Let us not forget!

August 23 was chosen by UNESCO as International Slavery Day to commemorate the uprising of African slaves on the Caribbean island of Santo Domingo in 1791. The uprising took place in what is now modern Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 
African-American Travel Guides at Amazon.com
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The African-American Travel Guide  This is a well-organized travel guide to the African American experience and can be usefully both for business travel and leisure vacations. Robinson, a seasonal tour director for several tour operators and a flight attendant for a major air carrier, provides a wealth of information covering 17 American and two Canadian cities that would be of particular interest to African Americans.
The African American Travel Guide to Hot, Exotic and Fun-Filled Places.  Covers information to exotic places in the world including those of historic significance to African-Americans such as traveling to West African countries.
The Black Enterprise African American Travel Guide presented by Allstate. An article from Black Enterprise magazine in HTML format available for digital download after purchase. It is a compilation of 20 destinations that have a special appeal to African Americans.
African-American Travel Agencies and Tour Companies in the United States
Google - African-American Travel Agencies and Tours  A good list of African-Amercian travel agencies and tour companies.
Historical African and African-American Travel Websites  A good list and links to the most popular black travel websites in the United States.
Soul of America  "We put the soul in travel" is their slogan.  An excellent site for African-Americans making travel plans.
Festival at Sea  They cover ocean cruises with African-America themes.
Kolanut.com  Another great travel site especially for African-Americans.
Black Cultural Travel Resources
African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum.  Washington, DC. A museum dedicated to the participation of African-Americans in the Civil War.
Black Heritage Trail.  Boston and Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Black Heritage Trail is a walking tour that let you explore the history of Boston's 19th century African-American community.  Wikipedia also has a good article about this walk. The trail links over 15 pre-Civil War structures and historic sites including the African Meeting House
Black Travel Online.  An excellent, comprehensive site for African-Americans making travel plans.
Black CouTours   They specializing in tours of Black American Heritage, History, Culture, and Entertainment located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They develop and plan tours locally, in the United States and to international destinations. They primarily plan group tours for family reunions, church groups, youth groups, senior groups, business and professional groups and international tourists.
Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum.  Charleston, South Carolina.  A museum with interpretative programs on slavery and the underground railroad used to move slaves from the South to the North.
Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.  Washington, DC. A Black leader who elegantly spoke out against slavery. The site is his 21-room Victorian mansion.
Google - American Black Heritage Tours.  Good list of tour within the United States to visit places of historical significance to the Black struggle for freedom. 
International Slavery Museum.  Liverpool, UK.  A museum dedicated to the history of international slavery focused on backs who were enslaved in Africa and shipped to the Americas.  Wikipedia has a good article as does the 24HourMuseum.
Harriet Tubman Home.  Auburn, New York, USA.  She brought more than 300 blacks to freedom. 
Museum of African American History.  Boston and Nantucket, Massachusetts.  This is the website of the Museum of African American History located in Boston and Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA.
Museum of the Africa DiasporaSan Francisco, California. MoAD is an international museum, based in San Francisco, United States, MoAD is committed to showcasing the "best of the best" from the African Diaspora.
National Black Tourism Network  The National Black Tourism Network is a full service travel company that specializes in tours of the African Diaspora.  They specialize in making people aware of the lesser-known aspects of African and African American culture as it is found both in the United States and throughout the world.
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center  Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is an intensely emotional experience to see permanent exhibits like the 2-story slave pen used to warehouse slaves until they were sold.
Petersburg National Battlefield.  Petersburg, Pennsylvania.  About 7,800 black soldiers were engaged in the siege of Petersburg.
Vicksburg National Military park.  Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Many black soldiers participated in this battle and a monument was added in 2004 to honor them.
Civil Rights Movement Sites in The United States A Traveler's Guide to the Civil Rights Movement

Google - Civil Rights Movement Tours.  List of tours about the American Civil Rights Movement.  Thank you Rosa Parks, for being the spark that lit the second torch of freedom for Black Americans.
Yahoo! Civil Rights Tours  List of Civil Rights tours.  Also search by specific locations.
DMOZ Civil Rights  Good list of American civil rights information including some tour information and historical sites.
Black Heritage Tourism  This is a listing of public attractions such as museums, cultural centers and parks related to African American history. listed by state and then by cities within a state.
National Civil Rights Museum  This is the museum at the location in Memphis, Tennessee where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968 at the Lorraine Motel.
Africa-American South Central United States African-American History and Heritage Sites  Excellent list of historical sites in the South Central United States which was where slavery was most prominent.
Black Heritage Tours to Africa

Google - African Heritage Tours.  Good list of tour companies for those who want to travel to countries in Africa to see their African "roots" and to others who want to get an historical perspective on one of the saddest chapters in human history.
SoulPlanetTravel.  They arrange tours and travel to see black history in African countries, Brazil and Paris.
The Atlantic Slave Trade.  See the box at the bottom of this page for information and links to travel information to historical sites in West African countries related to the slave trade.
South Africa

Via Africa - Struggle Sites     Good information on "struggle sites" - a nickname for sites where the struggle against apartheid and European colonization took place.
SA Places - Historical Sites of South Africa. Lists descriptions of historical sites in South Africa related to both the struggle for freedom from apartheid and from European colonization. It includes information on visiting the Nelson Mandela Museum near Umtata.
District 6 Museum  The District Six Museum in Cape Town is dedicated to ensuring that the history and memory of forced removals in South Africa will endure, and that the process of remembering will challenge all forms of social oppression

The Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic Slave Trade took place from the 15th Century to the mid-19th Century.  Wikipedia has an excellent article about it and Museum of America and the Sea has a good timeline that summarizes important dates. The Central Oregon Community College has a more detailed timeline that merges a description of events of the African Slave Trade with European Imperialism from the 15th to the early 19th century that includes many links to other sources of information.  Finally Yahoo! has a directory on the Atlantic Slave Trade with an excellent list of websites and links.
Google - Slave Trade Tours  Excellent list of tour companies and other information.
About.com - Slave Trade Tours in West Africa  The best information we have found on cultural tours to slave-related sites in West African countries. 2007 is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade and some West African countries are promoting special tours within their countries to mark the occasion. Here are the World Links pages we have for those countries: Ghana, Senegal, Benin, The Gambia, Nigeria and Guinea Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles was at the center of the slave trade in the Caribbean.
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