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There are thousands of websites that provide information for business travelers.  Most online travel agencies also have a section on Business Travel. We have many travel topics covering items that are of interest to both leisure and business travelers. Here are some websites with good business travel coverage worldwide. This includes some comprehensive business travel directories, as well as, individual business travel websites. 

And remember, if you are an international business traveler, or greeting visitors from other countries to your company it is always friendly to be able to speak a few words of someone's native language. Visit our Language Section to quickly find free online lessons or commercial products for over 300 languages of the world.

We also have some special links for road warriors as another travel topic.

Wikipedia has begun an article on Business Travel.  Maybe they have expanded it by the time you reach this page. 
 Business Travel Super Sites
Business.com - Business Travel - Web Listings.  A good list of business travel links.

About.com - Business Travel.  An excellent site for information of interest to business travelers.  Well laid out and easy to navigate.
BusinessTravel.com  An uncluttered, simple website with basic resources for the business traveler
Association of Corporate Travel Executives.  This is their Travel Information Links page with good links to websites of interest to business travelers..
American Express Corporate Services.  Another excellent site for information of interest to corporate travel departments.  They also have a Business Travel News section. If you are a corporate member, here is their Business Travel Programs page. 
Business Travelers Info Network.   This is a good site for business travelers with a good user interface and many links.
Fastcompany.com - Travel Resources.  An alphabetical list of various travel resources for the business travelers.
U.S, State Department - Business Travel.  This page has a section on doing business overseas.
WebofCulture.com.   This company specialized in international business and globalization issues including those involving e-commerce and web sites. 
Worldbiz.com.   This is an excellent site that has business reports on almost every country in the world. They have extensive information on international business practices, protocol, and etiquette. They also cover cross-cultural communication, negotiating tactics and country-specific data.  The report is available via email or fax after payment.  Prices for country reports are generally around $30. You can pay online by credit card and get the report downloaded within a half-hour or you can order by phone. 
 Business Travel Guides

Fastcompany.com Business Travel How-To Guides  This is a collection of their best resources for business travelers looking to improving their life on the road or to find ways to avoid travel altogether.
Business Travelogue.  Check out their Business Travel Guide on their home page.
RestaurantResults.Com Foreign Country Page.  Although this website is related to the food service industry, it has a good page with 11 categories that link to web sites covering all the major topics that would be of interest to any person or company doing business in other countries.
 Business Travel News

New York Times - Small Business - Business Travel  This is their Business Travel section with articles of interest to business travelers.
BusinessTraveller.com - Travel News.  Any excellent website with great business travel coverage.
Business Travel News  They cover corporate travel news.
We drop you off at the business travel* section if they have one.
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