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There is nothing like camping out under the stars.  Camping is an outdoor recreational activity where people of all ages leave their homes to enjoy nature by spending one or more nights camping out, usually at a campsite. Camping may involve the use of a tent, or just a bedroll or sleeping bag, or a camper may use a car, tent-trailer, RV or primitive structure for shelter.

Campers may travel on foot such as hikers and backpackers or by vehicles, including cars, RVs and bicycles, or via boats and canoes.  They may camp at established campsites in parks or in commercial camps along roads in the countryside. 

We cover some of the popular forms of camping in this topic.  They include tent camping, RV and car camping, and summer and day camps.  Also see our
RV Travel, Adventure Travel, and Hiking sections.  The National Park Service "Visit Your Parks" is your gateway to national parks in the United States where you will have a wonderful camping experience.
Search The Web
To search the web for camping in a particular place, such as a specific park, state or province in a country, include the park name, or state or province name and the word camping.  Also include other words to describe the type of camping (e.g., tent, RV).  Many places require reservations, so you need to make a reservation, include that word in your search. 

 If you are looking for camp gear or apparel, describe the specific gear or clothing you are interested in to narrow your search.
General Camping Information
See the Camping USA - Checklists for a good series of camping checklists.
USA National Parks and Recreational Areas - Camping Reservations.   This is the United States government website for reserving a camping spot at one of the national parks, wilderness and other federal government recreational areas.
Wikipedia - Camping.   Their article on camping provides a good overview of the subject and they have links to related Wikipedia articles as well as external links.
DMOZ - Camping Directory.   The most comprehensive directory of camping websites we have found with a nice set of categories from which to to choose.
American Camping Association.   The ACA is one of the largest and oldest (over 100-years) camp accrediting agencies. They are an association of camp professionals who share their knowledge and experience to ensure the quality of camp programs. Children and adults have the opportunity to learn important lessons in community living, character-building, skill development, and healthy living attending a good camp.
About.com - Camping Guide.   Includes U.S. state-by-state camping information and comprehensive links to sites covering everything about any kind of camping. If you are a beginner camper, see their Camping for Beginners articles.
Campnet.com.   Campnet America has excellent coverage of camping topics for camping in the United States and Canada including extensive coverage of RV parks and campgrounds.
Go Camping America.  An excellent website with information on private parks and campgrounds in the United States and other camping information including camper tips and things to do when you get there.
CampingTips.org.  A great website and good source of camping tips and advice.
Summer Camp Programs

Wikipedia - Summer Camp.  An excellent overview of summer camps around the world including descriptions of summer camp activities in many countries and the various types of summer camps. Good links to summer camp organizations.
Google - Worldwide Summer Camps.   An excellent list of websites with directories of summer camp programs worldwide. We have selected a few of the most comprehensive and popular sites and listed them here.
About.com - Summer Camps and Day Camps.  Comprehensive resource, directory and links related to summer and day camps. 
Choose A Camp.   An excellent, comprehensive website covering the USA.  You can search by an extensive list of camp activities, by state, by special needs and by various types of organizational affiliations.
Summercampworldwide.com.   They are a comprehensive yet easy to use summer camp guide and community website.
MySummerCamps.com.   They have a comprehensive, easy to use summer camp directory for kids, teens and youth. The complete source for finding summer camps, summer camp jobs and camps for sale or rent in the USA, Canada and Worldwide.
World Camp Directory.   We like their nice directory. They also have information to help parents choose a summer camp for their kids.
Tent Camping

DMOZ - Camping Directory.   The most comprehensive directory of camping websites we have found with a nice set of categories from which to to choose.

Let's Go Camping.  A wonderful website covering camping destinations, gear and more.
Findaguide.com.   Worldwide coverage of camping trip outfitters.
RV Camping

American Campground Guide.   A good site with information on campgrounds in the United States.
Camp USA.  The complete directory of RV camping destinations in the US. They also have some good links to other sites of interest to RV campers.
Campnet America™  Another fine site with comprehensive listings.
Camping Gear and Equipment
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