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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Canyons, gorges, ravines, and chasms are all variations of steep-sided valleys normally with a stream or river flowing through them. Do you like to visit, hike or explore canyons? The world is full of canyons, both on land and under the ocean.  The Grand Canyon in the USA is probably the most famous and most visited.  However, there are many grand canyons in the world just as majestic and deeper and longer. This section provides information on how you travel to canyons.
Wikipedia.  As usually, they do a wonderful job of describing canyons and gorges and listing all the major ones of the world.

Canyons Worldwide They are the premier website for canyons all over the world. Beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions.  They also conduct canyon expeditions and tours worldwide and also publish a guidebook covering them.
Earth's Mystical Grand Canyons by Richard D. Fisher, a well-known canyon explorer, is the best guidebook covering the world's major canyons with breathtaking photographs, interesting stories and detailed travel information.


The sport of canyoning (or canyoneering) is the adventurous descent of mountain rivers and streams often through narrow gorges: swimming in natural surroundings, jumping, walking through torrents, abseiling, tobogganing ... all in an exciting environment.
Canyons under the ocean
 These are also called submarine canyons. Wikipedia has an excellent article about them. And there are canyons on other planetary bodies.  In fact, Valles Marineris on Mars is the largest known canyon in our solar system.

Some World Canyons
Click the canyon name for a Google Search of trips and tours.
GORP Search - Enter name of canyon in their search box.

Grand Canyon See Hike United States.  Depth  1,427 m (4,682 ft)  Also see Wikitravel
Copper Canyon See Hike Mexico.  The Copper Canyon system is a series of canyons the deepest of which is Unique Canyon at 1,879 m (6,200 ft).

Yarlung Tsangpo Gorge

See Hike Tibet   Deepest 5,909 m (19,386 ft) Average depth 5000 m (16,404 ft).  World's deepest canyon.
Vicos Gorge See Hike Greece
Three Gorges See Hike China on Yangtze River.  Better hurry before they finish the dam.
Aheron Gorge See Hike Greece  Where the mythical River Styx flows (now know as the Aheron River).

How To Search for Canyons on the Web

  • If you know the name, of course, use that. However be careful to use the proper term canyon or gorge. If unsure, use both terms with the name. Include what you want to do, like sightseeing, tours, hiking or camping. (e.g. Grand Canyon tours).
  • If you want to know if there are canyons at the place you are going to, enter the place name + canyons and gorges. (e.g. Australia canyons and gorges).
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