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This page contains car rental information worldwide.  Besides going directly to a specific car rental website, there are many Car Rental Search Websites that search many car rental agencies and give you comparison prices.  You can also reserve a car through many of those websites. These kinds of car rental search websites are called Aggregators in the industry.  In addition, all the online travel agencies and almost all the airline, airline aggregator search websites, and hotel websites include the capability to comparison-shop and reserve a rental car.

Most car rental companies also rent trucks and SUV's.   See our
Driving Abroad topic with information on international road signs, which side of the road to drive, road rules by country, and how to obtain an International Driving Permit. Organizations you belong to, credit card companies, banks and credit unions, and auto clubs may offer you a discount on car rentals from specific companies. Car Rental is also referred to as Car Hire in Europe and other parts of the world. 

What We Have on this Page

Using the Web to find a rental car Advice on words to use when doing a web search for a car rental.
Major worldwide car rental Websites Some major car rental websites that have worldwide coverage.
Major worldwide car rental companies Some major car rental companies that have worldwide coverage.
Car rental advice and tips Consolidators and Aggregators ●  Insurance  ● Traveling With Small Children
Renting Abroad Multiple Countries Age and Driving Record
Comprehensive car rental directories Some of the most comprehensive car rental directories.
Using the Web

Using the Web to find a Rental Car

Sometimes, the easiest way to get car rental information for a specific location is to do a web search.  This is especially true if you are renting a car in another country you have not been to before or in a new city. On the right are some sample web searches.  If you have a favorite car rental agency, include their name.

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Heathrow car rental
Paris airport car rental
London Hertz car rental
Spain car rental
Europe car rental

Car Rental Websites

Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Advice

Car Rental Advice and Tips

MotoEuropa - Car Rental Advice. Although this comprehensive article focuses on renting a car in Europe, almost all the information also applies to things you will need to know when driving in any country other than your own.  It is especially good about discussing insurance options.
BreezeNet's Car Rental Tips. Excellent tips from the Travelin' Joe's Corner column at BreezeNet.com.  You can also book through them and they are included in are Region/Country Chart Below.
Car Rental Express - Tips. Good tips on renting a car. Besides the information on this page, click on one of the additional car rental topics in the list on the right. You can also book through them. See our Worldwide Car Rental Websites chart above.
Wikitravel - Renting A Car. They were just starting to create a car rental travel topic and it had only minimal information the last time we checked.  We are sure it has undoubtedly improved over time.
Car Hire U.K. Although this detailed advice is for renting cars in the United Kingdom and Europe, much of the information is just as applicable anywhere in the world in developed countries.
Edmunds.com -Tips for Hassle-Free Car Rentals. Nice article from Erin Riches, senior content editor at Edmunds.com.
Car Rental Directories

Comprehensive Car Rental Directories

DMOZ Open Directory - Car Rentals.  A very comprehensive list of car rental agencies and websites worldwide. 
Yahoo! Car Rental DirectoryThey have a very comprehensive list of both major and smaller car rental websites, car rental companies and consolidators and aggregators. Click on By Regions to go to sub-directories and to individual countries and states of the United States.
TravelSuperLink.com - U.S. Car Rentals. Excellent list and links to U.S. car rental companies plus car rental tips and information. Use their links at the top of the page to jump to one of their car rental categories: Major Car Rental, Local Car Rental, Special Car Rental, Rental Search, Tool, Deal, Last Minute, Tips.
European Driving Tours. For those who want to drive around Europe in a rental car, this website offers self-drive tour package using major car rental companies in Europe. 
Travelers Digest - Car rental Companies. An extensive list and links. Includes a brief description of their geographic coverage area if not obvious from the website name.
Car Rental Advice
Worldwide-Tax - Car Rentals. Links to car rental agencies for some major countries of the world. Includes not only a link to their website, if they have one, but also their email address and fax and telephone numbers.

Car Rental Advice and Tips

Car Rental Consolidators and Aggregators
.  Just like airline tickets, there are car rental consolidators and aggregators.  A car rental consolidator uses it bulk-buying power to make deals with individual car rental companies to get lower prices. A car rental aggregator is a car rental website that shows you comparison prices for renting a car from different car rental agencies at a location.  A car rental website may be both a consolidator and an aggregator.

Insurance.  Check with your auto insurance and credit card companies to see what they will cover. You will probably find this information in your policy or on your auto insurance website, but it may take a little searching. If not, call the company, ask questions and find out where you can get a copy of the information online or buried in your policy or have it sent to you.

Traveling With Small Children.  If you are traveling with small kids that ride in child safety or booster seats, and you are bringing your own child-safety or booster seat, let the car rental company know that. If you have small children, some car rental companies will require you to use a child safety seat or booster seat which you can rent from them. Your state or country may only require child safety seats and not booster seats for older children. But the location where you are renting a car may require a booster seat.  Most car rental companies have child safety and booster seats available to rent for an additional fee. Avis Car rental has a good
article about child and booster seats.

Renting Abroad.   If it is business, check with your company about any special car rental rules for where you are going.  If it is personal, you really need to do your homework. Regardless, if you are renting a car outside your own country, there are many things you will need to be aware of to make it a safe driving experience and to avoid financial woes if you get in an accident or damage the car. Be very careful.

Multiple Countries.  If you want to drive between countries in a region, then you really need to do your homework and plan ahead. For example, if driving in Europe, a car rental company may not allow you to drive in certain countries.

Age and Driving record.  If you are under 25 or over 65, there may be age restrictions when renting a car from certain companies.  Also, if you have been convicted of  drunk driving or some other driving violations, a rental company may not rent to you.  Unfortunately there is no law that says they have to tell you when you reserve a car whether they will actually rent it to you. So if age or your driving record may be a factor, by all means, contact whoever you are renting from and find out at the time you make a reservation if there is going to be any problem. You might find this information on their website somewhere.  If not, call, email or contact them through an on-line form.  If this is a car-rental company in another country, don't be afraid to make an international phone call and talk to someone there. Check the rates with your long-distance carrier to see what the rate is going to be which may vary by day and time.
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