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Famous Show Caves Guide for tourist information.
Are you a cave tourist or "caver" (cave explorer)?  Here are some wonderful sites that have information on the caves of the world. "Caving" is the recreational activity of exploring caves. Speleology is the scientific study of caves and cave environment

Caves occur all over the world.  There are all types of caves including land caves, ice caves and sea caves.   We cover both "show caves" which are the ones open to the general public and "wild caves" ( i.e., those that are only explored by experienced "cavers".) 

To search the web, use the name of the cave and the words Trips and Tours (e.g., Carlsbad Cavern Trips and Tours). To find caves in a particular location or country, search for country/location name + caves + caverns (e.g., New Zealand Caves Caverns) as caves are also referred to as caverns (and grottoes).
Just for
Gander Academy's Caves Theme Page  The 5th grade students at the Gander Academy in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada have made a wonderful page about caves.
DMOZ - Caving. One of the best websites for finding information about caves whether you are a caver or a tourist.
Wikipedia - Caving. This will take you to the Wikipedia section on caving.  They also have an excellent article on caves and an exhaustive list of caves by countries of the world and links to information on each cave.
ShowCaves.com. The other excellent, comprehensive list of show caves of the world with links to official show cave websites and beautiful color photographs. You can search for a cave by country or cave name. Plus extensive tourist information about the caves.  Some world record information about caves is here - Jochen's List of Cave Records.
Google Speleology Web Directory. The best source of cave information on the web for both tourists and cave explorers.  Tourists can find caves to visit in the world under the Show Caves category.
Caves and Caving in the United Kingdom. An excellent site covering the United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland, Northern Island) in detail. Also good links to other caving organizations in the world and a separate page with links to cave resources by world regions.
Virtual Caves. A beautiful site that explains in detail the different kinds of caves in the world together with color photos to illustrate associated formations.
ShowCaves.com. An excellent, comprehensive list of show caves of the world with links to official show cave websites and beautiful color photographs. You can search for a cave by country or cave name. Plus extensive tourist information about each cave.
Show Caves of the World. One of the two best websites for show caves that tourists can visit around the world with photos.  You can search for a cave by country or cave name. Links to official cave websites.
Show Caves of the World - Too.  A personal website in Czechoslovakia (in English) with an extensive list of links to cave sites of the world.  If you can't find the information you need using the other resources we have on this page, try this site.  It is especially helpful for locating caves in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean.
International Cave Parks  A list of caves by country with links to cave park websites.
International Show Cases Association  To promote and maintain an international organization of persons and companies who own, manage or operate caves or caverns of tourist interest around the world.  They have a good list caves by specific countries.
GORP - Caving  The Caving section at the well-known GORP website. Emphasis on United States caves but some good information and links to world resources, as well.  Also good list of clubs and associations.

Just For Cavers

Caves.com and Cavediggers.com. Both websites lead to the same beautiful, comprehensive website.  The site was created for those who enjoy caves, caving and cave digging. They cover subjects on Speleology, cave digging, vertical work, underwater exploration, rope and climbing techniques and much more.
The National Speleological Society  The United States National Speleological Society founded for the purpose of advancing the study and conservation of caves.
Longest and Deepest Cave Lists  A good list sites that list the longest and deepest caves in the world.  For the serious caver only as almost all the caves listed are not "developed" and open to the general public. In fact, in many cases, the exact cave locations are not even given!  But it is interesting to see how deep and long some caves are and where they are located in the world.
World Cave Data Base  A searchable data base containing the most comprehensive list and information for caves of the world.
Famous Show Caves Guide
Click the name for useful general and tourist information about the cave.
 Cave Country

Websites and Tours

Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico, USA
Website:  Official
Tours:  Google
Blue Grotto
Grotta Azzurra
Capri, Italy
Website:  Unofficial  
Tours:  Google
Fingal's Cave
  nice grotto at seashore
Staffa Island, Scotland
Website:  Unofficial  
Tours:  Google
  world's largest ice cave
Near Salzberg, Austria
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Lascaux  Lascaux II
famous prehistoric art
Dordogne, France
Visits only to nearby cave exhibit with replicas of the paintings.
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Qumran Caves
Dead Sea Scrolls
You can only visit the archeological site and not the caves.
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Mula Caves-Sarawak Chamber
largest cave chamber
Sarawak, Malaysia
Gunung Mulu National Park
Website:  Unofficial  
Tours:  Google

Painted Cave
longest sea cave

Santa Cruz Island, USA
Channel Islands National Park
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Chauvet Grotto
oldest prehistoric cave art
Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France
Visits to cave by special arrangement only. There is an exhibit at the site.
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Mammoth Cave
prehistoric cave art
Kentucky, USA
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Kazumura Cave
longest lava cave (tube)
Puna District, Hawaii, USA,
Website:  Unofficial  
Tours:  Google
Lamprecht Oven
2nd deepest cave in world
Website:  Unofficial*  
Tours:  Google
*automatic translation
  into English
Voronya Cave
Krubera or Crow's Cave
Deepest cave in world
Abkhazia, Georgia
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Glacier Grotto Klein Matterhorn
Gletschergrotte Klein Matterhorn
highest ice cave in world
Near Zermatt, Switzerland
Website:  Official  
Tours:  Google
Krasnohorska Cave
Krásnohorská Jaskyna
world's tallest stalagmite
Near Rožnava, Slovakia
Website:  Unofficial  
Tours:  Google
Ice Pavilion Mittelallalin
Eispavillon Mittelallalin
largest artificial ice cave
Website:  Unofficial  
Tours:  Google
Notes: The term cave, cavern and grotto are generally used interchangeably. However. a grotto is defined as a "room of moderate dimensions in a cave, but richly decorated"  (The interior decorator here is Mother Nature!)   But if a cave has basically one or two richly decorated rooms or chambers, the whole cave is often referred to simply as a grotto.
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