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includes air, boat, yacht and bus charters
This topic covers air, boat, yacht and bus charters.  Air charters include air tour operators such as scenic flights (e.g., aircraft and helicopters that fly over scenic areas like the Grand Canyon) as well as business and leisure travel. Boat charters include yacht charters. Bus charters include for both corporate and other groups.

 Web Search for Charters

The easiest way to find a charter is to do a specific web search. Provide as much details as possible. Here are some examples for searching for a charter:
Air charters and aircraft rentalsdeparture location (airport or city name) rental or charter,  such as: Atlanta air charter, jet, 5 passengers, depart 15 Mar 20xx to Phoenix AZ, return 20 Mar 20xx
Looking for sightseeing flights:  include the location name and key words like scenic or helicopter flights, such as: Grand Canyon scenic flights, Hawaii helicopter sightseeing.

Boat charters
: location name and type such as: Cayman island sailboat rentals, Caribbean yacht charters.
Bus charterslocation name and type such as: Albuquerque NM Church youth bus charter, bus charters in Vermont.

Air Charters

Note: Air charter companies must submit an application to be listed with an air charter website and may be required to pay an advertising fee. Therefore, not all available air charter companies may be listed for a particular location.

Here are some articles that discuss the difference between an air charter broker, air charter operator and air charter marketplace.
DMOZ Open Directory - Worldwide Air Charters.  One of the most comprehensive air charter directories covering the world.  It includes air ambulances.
ThirtyThousandFeet Aviation Directory - Air Charters.  One of the best websites with information on air charter resources, services, aircraft rental and even Aircraft Ash Scattering Services.
The Air Charter Guide.  The industry's leading guide to air charters. Their air charter planner let's you search for a charter much like you search for a regular airline flight by listing your departure city and destination, departure and return dates, number of passengers, and whether it is one-way or round-trip. You can also specify the type of aircraft you wish to charter - from a large jet to a small single engine. piston aircraft like a Cessna or Piper.  They also cover chartering air ambulance and air cargo flights.
JetCharters.com.  An excellent air charter marketplace website that makes it easy to find a private air charter company tailored to your specific flight needs.  Their user interface is similar to finding a commercial flight on an airline or travel website.  You specify the trip type (e.g., one way, round trip, etc.), number of passengers, the Departure and Destination Cities (by city names or airport codes), and the departure and return dates. This results in a page that lists possible companies, their hourly rates, and pictures of the type aircraft.  You can expand or narrow your geographic search area.   
Avinode.  Another leading air charter marketplace with extensive air charter services.
Yahoo! Air Charter Directory..  Extensive list of air charter companies with links to their websites.
Google - Worldwide Air Charter Search.  Lists and links to air charter, tour, and scenic airlines companies worldwide.
Wikipedia - Air Charters.  Basic information about air charter services with some good links. 

Air Tour/Scenic Air Tour Operators

Yahoo! Air Tour Operators Directory.  An extensive list of air tour operators for North American (Canada, Mexico, U.S.)destinations such as the Grand Canyon and Alaska.  They also have a subdirectory on helicopter tours for North America and Hawaii.
Google - Worldwide Air Tours Search.  Lists and links to air tour, and scenic airline and helicopter companies worldwide.

Boat Charters

DMOZ Open Directory - Worldwide Boat Charters.  One of the most comprehensive boat charter directories covering the world.  It includes subdirectories for canal boats and specialty cruises.
Yahoo! Boat Charter Directory.  An extensive list of boat charter operators with subcategories covering many types of boats including canal boats, barges, yachts, jet boats and fishing and diving boats.
Google - Worldwide Boat Charter Search.  Lists and links to boat charter companies.

Yacht Charters

Wikipedia - Yacht Charters.  Basic information about chartering a yacht plus links to their article on bareboat charters (no crew or provisions provided), crewed charters (crew provided) and Luxury Yachts that includes an extensive list and links to yacht and yacht charter companies.

Bus Charters

DMOZ Open Directory - Worldwide Bus Charters.  They do not have a separate directory for bus charters. We drop you off at the bus operators directory. Find your country and them look for bus charters as part of the description of a bus operator.
Yahoo! Bus Tours and Charter Directory.  A list of bus tour and charter operators.
Google - Worldwide Bus Charter Search.  Lists and links to bus charter, tour, and scenic bus tours. 
USA Bus Charter. They cover the United States and Canada including charter bus service, tour bus rentals, school bus service, limousine bus rental and entertainer coach leasing.  They are experienced in corporate, group and airport transportation services.
CoachUSA. They cover the United States and Canada and have both bus charters and limousine service.
US Coachways. They cover major cities in the United States and have both bus charters and limousine service.
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