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Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are sites on the web that let you chat with other people by either typing messages or by voice chat.  We include this topic because there are chat rooms about travel and those that let you chat with someone in a language you are trying to learn.  Here are some web sites that list chat rooms, have chat rooms covering travel, or are designed to help you learn another languages. See the Best-of-the-web Chat Guide for a comprehensive information about chat rooms.
Search The Web Travel Chat Rooms Enter city or country name and travel or tourist chat room (optional - voice or text)
Examples: Paris tourist chat rooms, Paris travel voice chat rooms.
Language Chat Rooms Enter language name and learn <language> chat room (optional - voice or text)
Examples: Learn French chat rooms, Learn German voice chat rooms.

 All About Chat Rooms

Wikipedia - Chat Rooms  An excellent article about chat rooms, the various types of technical interfaces and security concerns.
Chat Acronyms.  Here is a list of the text acronyms (e.g. BBL = Be back later) you may see when in a chat room.
Universal Chat Language Translator and Speaker for Skype  They have free software that translates between the language you send a text message in the receiver's language.  So. for example, if you speak English you can chat with someone who speaks French.  They see your messages in French and you see their messages in English.
 Travel Chat Rooms
AOL - Travel Chat RoomsFind other people who are interested in travel. Explore their personal Web pages, or meet them in a chat room.
Big Pond - Travel Chat Rooms. They have Travel and Travel resort chat rooms.
Find Chat Rooms -Travel and Tourism.  This is a new website with only a few listings.
IRQ.com - Countries.  This is a list of countries and the number of people that are presently online in that country's chart room.
LA Times - Chat Rooms.  Click on the Travel Chat room.
PalTalk.com.  Live voice chat rooms.
Virtualworldsreviews.com - Traveler.   They have links to travel chat rooms that have voice chat.
Winksite - Travel Chat Rooms This is their list of travel chat rooms.
Yahoo Chat Options.  Once you register, look for their travel chat room.
 Language Learning Chat Rooms

MyLanguageExchange.com - Voice Chat. (Voice chat) The best voice chat website we have found for people wanting to speak with someone else in the world to learn their language.
MyLanguageExchange.com - Text Chat. (Text chat)  The best text chat website we have found for people wanting to exchange text messages with someone else in the world to learn their language.
Word2Word-Language Chat Rooms  (Text chat) A good list of chat rooms to learn different languages.
EnglishTown.com.  For those who want to learn English as a second language.
Polyglot-Learn a Language.  Not a chat room, but we include it anyway as you can find a penpal and exchange emails to learn a language.
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