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Culinary or cooking vacations have become a popular way to spend a vacation for those who are interested in learning different cooking styles and cuisine from around the world.  Here is information on cooking courses and tours to countries where you can learn how to prepare the local cuisine. These are also referred to as "cooking school travel, cooking school vacations, and cooking or culinary tours".  Yes, you can call yourself a
culinary traveler!

Here is a good article on how to choose a cooking class.

To get a good overview of a country's cuisine, go to one of these two websites:
Gourmet magazine's Travel section where you select a country and then once on the country page, click on the Regional Cuisine link in their Info box on the left.  Or go to Wikipedia and their List of Cuisines, then either use their Content to jump down the page to the region of the world you are looking, or just scroll down the page, or use your browser's Edit-Find On This Page option.


* * * these websites have an extensive list of countries with culinary tours.

CookbookWiki. * * * Their plan is to provide information on every culinary tradition pon the planet. And just wike Wikipedia and WikiTravel, they are off to a good start.
They are one of the world's most popular online directory of culinary schools and have been on the web since 1998.  They have hundreds of listings around the world for cooking and culinary schools, and baking, pastry and chef training schools. For those interested in a cooking vacation, search by first selecting "Workshop/Seminar" under their Degree Preference pull-down menu before choosing a state or country and the subject (type of cooking).

Culinary Communion/Travel   They have culinary trips to France and Greece.

Culinary Tours and Cruises  Presents a list and descriptions of worldwide culinary tours and cruises.

DMOZ Open Directory: Culinary Travel  * * * An extensive list of tour companies that offer culinary tours and cooking vacations worldwide.

Food vacation.com. They had cooking tours to Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, France, and Nova Scotia (Canada) the last time we checked.

Google - Culinary Travel Directory.
* * * An extensive list of Recreational Cooking Schools and other culinary tours and cooking vacations offered worldwide.

Guide To Recreational Cooking Schools.
* * * An extensive list of Recreational Cooking Schools and other culinary tours and cooking vacations offered worldwide.
Gordon's Guides - Culinary Vacations. Wonderful culinary vacations in Europe and several other places in the world.
Gourmet Safari. They had cooking tours to Spain, Italy, France, and Morocco the last time we checked.

Infohub: Cooking School Country Directory  Click on a country to see the list of tour companies that offer culinary tours and cooking vacations to that place.

Le Cordon Blue Culinary School- North America This is the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

Shaw Guides - Cook For Fun. * * * From this page you can select a country, U.S. State or one of their other categories to get an excellent list of cooking adventures worldwide.

Tasting Places.  They have cooking vacations to Spain, France, Italy. U.K., Greece and Thailand.

The International Kitchen.  They have cooking vacations to Italy, France, Spain and Morocco.

The Viking Life.  They have culinary tours to about a dozen countries in the world with a map plus a timeline showing the dates of the tours.

Tours.com - Culinary Vacations* * * This is their worldwide Culinary Vacations Tour Section. Select a country from their pull-down menu to find a culinary schools in that country.

Vagabond Gourmet.  They have cooking vacations for North America, Asia and Europe.

Whispy - Culinary Travel Resources  They have a good list with descriptions of culinary travel companies.

Yahoo! Culinary Tour Operators. * * * An extensive list of tour companies that offer culinary tours and cooking vacations worldwide.
Yahoo! Culinary Education. Another extensive list of tour companies that offer culinary tours and cooking vacations worldwide.

Some Cooking Vacations
If you get to a page with no specific country search capability, use your browser Edit-Find on this Page feature.

click country for Wikipedia Cuisine articles


Shaw Guide

Some Websites
we are not an affiliate of Shaw Guide or any other website listed here

Africa Google




 --- Amelia Culinary Adventures
   Morocco Google Go Food Vacation  
Australia Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
Asia Google Go    
   China Google Go Beijing Culinary Tours Artisans of Leisure
   India Google Go Indian Horizons Culinary tour of India
   Indonesia Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Japan Google


GORP Travel  
   South Korea Google  --- Tours.com-Culinary  
   Taiwan Google  --- Taiwan Cooking Tours  
   Thailand Google Go Tasting Places  
   Vietnam Google Go Absolute Travel Deluxe culinary tours
Caribbean Google Go Guide to Cooking Schools in Caribbean  
   Barbados Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Grenada Google Go    
Central America Google ---    
   Costa Rica Google Go Food Vacation  
Europe Google Go    
   France Google Go About: Go France: Cooking Schools Real Adventure
Food Vacation
   England Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Germany Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Italy Google Go Cooking Schools and Programs in Italy Romantica Tours
Real Adventures
   Italy - Tuscany Google Go Culinary Travel Company Amelia Culinary Adventures
   Italy - Sicily Google Go Culinary Travel Company  
   Portugal Google Go Saranjan Tours  
   Spain  more cuisine info Google Go Saranjan Tours Food Vacation
   Scandinavian Google  ---    
     Finland Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
Mediterranean Google Go    
   Cyprus Google  --- Amelia Culinary  Adventures
   Greece Google Go Tasting Places  Culinary Communion
   Malta Google Go Amelia Culinary Adventures  
   Turkey Google Go Food Vacation  
Middle East Google Go Real Adventure  
   Egypt Google --- Tours.com-Culinary  
   Israel Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Jordan Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
New Zealand Google Go Tours.com-Culinary Infohub
North America Google Go    
   United States Google Go Budget Travel - America's Best Cooking Schools Real Adventure
   Canada Google Go Real Adventure Food vacation
   Mexico Google Go Tours.com-Culinary Real Adventure
South America Google Go    
   Argentina Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Brazil Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
   Chile Google Go Tours.com-Culinary  
South Pacific/Pacific Google ---    
  French Polynesia Google --- Tours.com-Culinary  
  Hawaii United States Google --- Tours.com-Culinary  
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