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Customs Service

Information on entry and exit customs and duties for countries of the world for travelers and tourists. You can find out what you are allowed to import and export as a tourist for a country using one of the links on this page.  Also, we suggest you try some web searches including a search for the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting whose office is in your city or country. In the case of your own country, go to your country's government customs information website.

Don't Forget To Document Your Expensive Items. If you have an electronic device or a high-value item, such as a camera, camcorder, laptop computer, DVD's, iPod, etc., find out how you can register the item on a form your government provides before you take it out of your country. In the United States, it is called a
Certificate of Registration (Customs Form 4457).  Your country's customs office at the airport or seaport you are departing from will usually be able to do this for you but their office hours may not fit your schedule.  They will want to see the item and record its serial number or other identifying information to register it on a form they give to you. You will need to keep the form with you to show customs, if they ask, upon your return. Most forms are small and can be folded and stapled to the back page of your passport.  You only have to do this once for an item.  If you don't have time or it is not convenient to register it, then you need to take along a copy of the bill of sale or store receipt for the item. If the item has a serial and/or model number, it needs to be on the bill of sale or receipt.  If you don't have proof that you bought the item in your country, then you are liable to pay a customs fee when you bring it back into the country.
Google - Getting Through Customs Worldwide  Wonderful advice      Wikipedia - Duty-Free Shopping  Article on duty free shopping.

United States Customs

U.S. Customs Service Traveler InformationThis is the U.S. Customs Service page for travelers. And very well done! Anything you want to know about what a traveler can import or export when entering or leaving the United States is covered here.
About.com - Immigration and Customs.  About.com is a well-known travel information website. This is their Immigration and Customs page for travel to and from the United States.

Worldwide Customs

Google - Getting Through Customs.   You will be amazed at the practical information for getting through customs all over the world that is available on the web.  Also try a search with Getting Through Customs <country name>.
Google - Worldwide Customs and Duty Information   Links to sites with customs and duty information.

Web Search for Custom and Duty Information

Sometimes, the easiest way to find information is to do a specific web search. In the case of customs and duty information, here are some example searches:

<country> + tourist entry requirements and customs + (optional - what kind of item)
France tourist entry requirements and customs
France tourist entry requirements and customs cigarettes

Customs Information for visitors to <country>
Customs Information for visitors to Canada

<country> + duty free items
United States duty free items

<country> + immigration and customs
Australia immigration and customs
Australia tourist immigration and customs information
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