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A wonderful thing has happened in the global village. The appearance of Internet Cafes, also referred to as CyberCafes.  They are usually just normal cafes that have also installed some computers you can use while you are there. Isn't that wonderful?  And now they may also have WiFi connections so you just bring your own computer, iPhone or whatever and surf the web.

CyberCafes or Internet Cafes, as they are also called, include places where you can usually eat or drink and also get on the Internet to check email and do other things while traveling almost anywhere in the world.   Whether you have your own laptop or need to use one, you can find a place that offers this service in most airports and hotels of many cities of the world.  Now that WiFi is becoming prevalent, even economy motels are offering at least wireless connections even if they may not have a computer for you to use in the lobby.  Most internet service providers offer a web-based email service you can use when on the road by merely going to their web email server and logging on.

See our Web-Based Email box at the bottom of the page.

Also see our WiFi Locator page.
Internet Cafe Guide. The best Cybercafe Guide we have found.
Wikipedia - Internet Cafe.  Excellent article about Internet cafes and links to comprehensive cybercafé directories.
DMOZ Open Directory - Cypercafe Directory.  One of the most comprehensive list of cybercafés worldwide we have found. Select by country.
Cybercafe Search Engine  This is a quick and easy way to find a Cybercafe near you. Just type in a city or country name.  They give you a list of the Cybercafes at that location with all the details (business hours, etc.). They also have one of the biggest and best Cybercafe data bases on the web.
Google - Cybercafes Worldwide.  Good list of comprehensive cybercafé guides.
World of Internet Cafes.  Another good list of worldwide cybercafés.
Web-Based Email

Pocketmail.com.  Here is an option that doesn't require a wireless or modem PDA or laptop to send and receive email worldwide.  You buy a Checkbook-sized device with keyboard that has an acoustic phone connection.  That means you can hold it up to any phone handset in the world and send and receive your email.

About.com - Email.  Information about the top 10 free email services. 

Choosing the Right Email Service.  See their links to free email services. 

You can also go directly to four of the most popular free email services listed here:

Windows Live Hotmail® Net@address Yahoo! Mail AOL Mail
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