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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Driving Vacations
Driving Vacations are where an individual, couple or family drives to one or more vacation destinations by car.  Most family vacation websites have a section on family driving vacations, as well as, information on taking pets and making your children's experience enjoyable.

Try the Travelocity Road Trip Wizard that combines mapping with hotel, restaurant and itinerary suggestions based on who's going, the type of vehicle (car, RV or motorcycle) and what you want to do on the trip.

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Road Travel

This topic includes real-time road conditions and traffic reports, traffic and DWI laws, gas station locators, speed traps and GPS car navigation systems.

American Driving Vacations American Driving Vacations offers trip planning services to help you enjoy America's byways and back roads.  You name the places you want to visit and American Driving Vacations, will put together a trip balancing your time spent in the vehicle with relaxing options and activities for the trip you've always wanted to take.
American Automobile Association (AAA).  You have to enter your home postal zone (Canada) or zip code (United States) to get to the local auto club websites.  You don't have to be a member to access these websites.
Google - Driving Vacations.  Good list of websites related to planning and taking driving vacations.
About.com - Travel With Kids.  How to keep kids occupied on long driving trips and other useful information.
FamilyFun.com - Have Fun on the Road.  Some good ideas for family activities when on the road.
DMOZ Open Directory - Family Vacations.  Excellent list of family vacation websites. Most of these websites have information on family driving vacations.
Road Trip America.  Excellent, comprehensive website for planning a scenic drive or vacation anywhere in the United States.
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