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Handicapped Travel

This page provides some useful information to those who are handicapped or disabled in some way and who want to travel the world. 
Some Comprehensive Resources

Wikipedia - Accessible Tourism.  This was just the beginning of an article on Accessible Travel and it probably has been expanded since the last time we checked.

DMOZ Open Directory - Disabled Travel This is the most extensive collection of websites on travel for the disabled that we have found.

Yahoo! Disability Travel Agencies Directory.  Excellent directory of travel agents that specialize in disability travel.

Best of the Web -Disabled Travel Directory  A short list the last time we checked but it may have grown by now.

Independent Links - Travel and Leisure  Disability travel resources. Excellent list, descriptions and links.

Developmental Disabilities Travel

Trips Inc. Special Adventures. They arrange trips for adults of various abilities in a safe, respectful and fun atmosphere. Their trips are designed for people with developmental disabilities and special needs who require staff assistance for a safe and enjoyable vacation

Google - Developmental Disabilities Travel  A good list of travel companies that arrange trips for those with developmental disabilities.

Click Here for Amazon.com

Disability Travel Books We drop you off at their Travel Books - Special Needs category that covers books on traveling with a disability. Use their search box to find a specific book title or topic.
Yes, we are an affiliate of Amazon.com. Isn't everyone!
About.com - Handicapped Travel.  About.com has 2 good sections for travelers who are disabled or handicapped.  Handicapped Travel and Accessible Travel - Expert Advice for People with Disabilities.
Access-able Travel Source  They provide access information and resources to travelers with disabilities.  They also have an email newsletter.
Accessible Journeys.  They have been making the world more accessible since 1985 for handicap travelers. A beautiful, comprehensive site covering travel worldwide.
Around The World Guide- Travellers with Disabilities.  This is the section from the Perpetual Travel website with an excellent list of books and links for travelers with disabilities whether or not you are going around the world. Scroll down below the Book list to see a good list of links to website with information on disabled travel. If you plan to buy a book from Amazon.com from the list, may we suggest you go to the Amazon.com Disability Travel Books section and then cut and paste the book title into their search box as a convenient way to find out more about the book and order it.  Or just cut and paste the book title into a search engine to find all the online bookstores that carry it.
Barrier Free Travels.com  Candy Harrington, the editor of Emerging Horizons magazine has this nice website with short articles about travel activities that would be of interest to travelers with disabilities.
Emerging Horizons Emerging Horizons is a consumer-oriented magazine that addresses the needs of travelers with disabilities.
RVing For The Disabled.  A good article about RVing for the handicapped with book resources.
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