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  Ice, Snow and Igloo Hotels
Yes, you too can stay in an ice or snow hotel or igloo! Now there are at least 10 in the world. This is a growth business!  The ones we have found are in Alaska, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway and Sweden.

Most ice hotels have to be rebuilt each year as they are in climates where the temperature in the Spring causes them to melt.  How Things Work has a short article on ice hotels. 

General Ice Hotel Information

Specific Hotels and Igloos

 Almost all these ice hotels and igloos have associated winter activities like dog sled rides, horse drawn sleigh rides, ice fishing, etc.

  • Finland - This country now has five tourist attractions related to ice hotels and igloos.
    • Snowcastles and Snowcastles.net Located in the beautiful Lapland area of Finland, they have several sites with log cabin and igloo suites.
    • Lainio Snow Village. Inside the walls of Snow Village there is an Ice Bar, Snow Hotel, slides for kids and lots of ice and snow sculptures on the courtyard. Everything is made entirely of snow and ice. The Snow Hotel has seven igloo shaped rooms.  Other activities include husky dog sled rides, reindeer rides, horse sleigh rides, skiing and snow shoe trips.  There are also Lapland ceremonies to see.
    • Rovaniemi Snowland.  You can spend the night in an igloo restaurant and dance at an Ice Arctic Disco.
    • Kemi Snowcastle.  This is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia and includes the Manmut Snow hotel and an ice restaurant.
    • Igloo Village Kakslauttanen.  There are 20 igloos located here.  They also have an ice gallery and an ice chapel where wedding ceremonies are performed.
  • Greenland - Hotel Arctic.  How about staying in an igloo. Just go to Ilulissat, Greenland.  Besides ice igloos they also have aluminum igloos for those that want to rough it in luxury.
  • Norway - They have two ice hotels this season that we have found.
    • Bjorli Ice Hotel.  This is an ice hotel located in Bjorli, Norway. It has a longer season than most ice hotels. 
    • Alta Ice Hotel.  This is an ice hotel located in Alta, Norway. 
  • Romania Ice Hotel. The Ice Balea Lake in Romania opened in 2006. Balea Lake is situated in the Fagaras Mountains which are part of the Carpathians mountain chain.  Here is another website with better pictures. 
  • Sweden Ice Hotel. The Ice Hotel is situated on the shores of the Torne River, in the old village of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland
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