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Do you love islands? We do.  Here are some wonderful sites that have information on islands of the world. Many of them have pictures. If the site does not have tourist information on how to visit the island, go to our country page for the island and try a link to a site that has a travel guide for the place.  Or do a search of the web using the name of the island. Here are some other suggestions on finding travel information for islands you want to visit:

Information on visiting islands that are popular tourist destinations can be found at any travel agency or travel guide website.

Information on visiting islands that are not tourist destinations can be found at travel agency websites that have an Adventure Travel section or with Adventure Travel organizations. Some travel guides also cover these types of islands.

We also have a tourist information page for many of the islands of the world as part of our World Links section.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on islands that includes many other Wikipedia pages on island topics including a list of the islands of the world plus individual island lists for different oceans.

For those who would like to buy an island, visit the Vladi Private Islands website. 
They specialize in renting and selling private islands worldwide.

The World of Islands. MDI International has created one of the best and most comprehensive list of islands in the world. They have English, French and German versions of their website. They are in the process of adding practical tourist information for the islands. At present, they have maps and basic geographical information about each island.
Islands of the World. WorldAtlas.com has an excellent list of islands of the world that we have found on the web.  When you select an island from their master island list, you are taken to the page for the island.  It has a beautiful map and basic information about the island.
Travel Science World LinksThis is our World Links homepage where you can search for travel information ona specific island. 

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