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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Modern Wonders


The Golden Gate Bridge shown here is a modern wonder but no longer holds any world records.

Here is information on 5 categories of modern wonders of the world created by humans. We list the top ones that show up on almost everyone's list.  Maybe someday there will be an eleventh modern wonder created by humans - world peace!

Google - Modern Wonders of the Modern World  Well, this is certainly a mixed bag!  Can't humans agree on anything?
WonderClub - Seven Modern Wonders of the World  Their World Wonders section has 9 categories of wonders with seven entries in each one including Modern Wonders. (They need to reconsider some of the items on their list based on the new wonders that have been constructed.)
ASCE - Seven Modern Wonders of the World  The American Society of Civil Engineer's list of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. (They need to reconsider some of the items on their list based on the new wonders that have been constructed.)

Modern Wonders





Buildings     All About Buildings   Records    Wikipedia-List of Tallest Buildings and Structures
World's Tallest Free-standing Structure - CN Tower  - 553 m (1,815 ft.)
Toronto, Canada
Site 1  Site 2 Toronto, Canada   Search

World's Tallest Building - Burj Dubai means "Symbol of Dubai"
585.7 m (1,922 ft reached on 24 Oct 07 - still under construction and supposedly will reach a height of
817 m(2,680 ft)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Site 1  Site 2 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
Canals        All About Canals    Records   Wikipedia- Canal,
Most Famous Canal - Panama Canal  - 51 miles
Webcam Site 1  Site 2 Panama  Search
World's Longest Canal - Suez Canal  - 90 miles (193.5 km)

No webcam

Site 1  Site 2 Egypt  Search
Tunnels      All About Tunnels   Records   Wikipedia-List of Longest Tunnels
Tunnel under the English Channel - The Chunnel
Connects England and France
Site 1  Site 2 English Channel Search
World's Longest Road Tunnel - Laerdal Tunnel - 15.2 miles
Connects the capital, Oslo, on Norway's eastern coast with the country's second-largest city, Bergen.
Site 1  Site 2


World's Longest Subsea Tunnel - Seikan Railway Tunnel - 33 miles.
Connects the Japanese islands of Honsun and Hokkaido.
Site 1  Site 2


Bridges      All About Bridges    Records   Wikipedia-Longest Bridges
World's Longest Bridge - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge
23.9 miles from Metairie on the South Shore of Lake Pontchartrain to St. Tammany Parish on the North Shore.
Site 1  Site 2

Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA   

World's Longest Suspension Bridge - Akashi Kaikyo  - 6,570 m [12,830 ft.]   Longest span 1,991 m ( 6,532 feet)
Spans the Akashi Strait between Maiko, Japan and the Japanese city of Matsuho on Awaji Island.
Site 1  Site 2

Maiko, Japan  

Dams/Barriers   All About Dams    Records   Wikipedia-List of Largest Dams, Tallest Dams, Netherlands Flood Barrier

World's Largest Dam - Three Gorges Dam in China. (Based on total amount of material used to build dam.)

Site 1  Site 2 China Search

World's Tallest Dam - Rogun Dam on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan.  It is 335 m tall (1099 ft) tall. Not completed yet.

Site 1  Site 2 Near Rogun, Tajikistan Search

World's Largest Hydro Power Output - The Itaipú Dam on the border between Brazil and Paraguay can produce up to 12,600 megawatts (MW).

Site 1  Site 2 Brazil and Paraguay Search

World's largest flood barrier system. -
The North Sea Protection Works
- Netherlands

Site 1  Site 2 Netherlands  Search
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