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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The most spectacular natural wonder of all never seems to make it onto the top list of natural wonders. We are talking about the Universe. So we have added the Universe as an honorary member of our Natural Wonders list. There are many lists of natural wonders and there seems to be general agreement on the top 7.  As for picking the top 10 natural wonders, there is no agreement on what should be the other 3. We consider natural wonders to include spectacular ecosystems of this planet. We are a travel website, so we include information on how to visit each of these natural wonders.
As for the Universe, look up at the night sky sometime, or buy a telescope, visit a website with glorious pictures of the universe, or visit a planetarium or observatory. We are merely a speck in the grand scheme of things as you will quickly see!

We think you will like our
10 Natural Wonders of the World chart as we provide direct links to information to learn about each natural wonder, as well as, information to help you plan a trip to it.  We have selected some books on the top 10 natural wonders which are shown just after the 10 Natural Wonders of the World chart. We have no affiliation with any of the sites we link to on this page except for Amazon.com.

Cool Maps _Natural Wonders lists seven of the ten natural wonders with a Google map pinpointing their location in the world and a small popup window with a brief description and picture from Wikipedia.

Wonders of the Natural World is a Windows/Macintosh educational CD-ROM for Kids 9 and up that explains the top 7 wonders.

The New 7 Wonders of Nature.  The New OpenWorld Foundation website that sponsored the  New 7 Wonders of the World Contest are now sponsoring a New 7 Wonders of Nature Contest. 

10 Natural Wonders of the World Chart

Name and Location
Click on the name to go to the Wikipedia article.



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These are on almost everyone's top seven list

Go = none more more 1=Official     Google Sites
Grand Canyon  Arizona, United States  Go Go Go Go 1  2  Go Go Go  
Rio de Janeiro Harbor  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Go Go Go Go 1  2  Go Go Go  
Great Barrier Reef   Australia Go Go Go Go 1  2  Go Go Go 1
Mt Everest   Nepal Go Go Fotos Go 1  2  Go Go Go  
Aurora Lights  North and South Polar regions.                  
  Northern Lights  Also called Aurora Borealis  Northern parts of Alaska, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Canada and all of Greenland. 
See Aurora Lights
Go Go Fotos Fotos 1  2  Go Go Go 1
  Southern Lights  Also called Aurora Australis  Antarctica and sometimes the southern tip of New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. See Aurora Lights Go Go Fotos Fotos 1  2  Go Go Go  
Paricutin Volcano   Mexico Go Go Fotos Fotos 1  2  Go Go Go  
Victoria Falls   Zambia/Zimbabwe    Go Go Fotos Go 1  2  Go



There is no agreement on the next 3. Here are our picks.

Amazon River and Rain Forest  Also called Amazonia it includes 40% of the South America continent.   Go Go Go Go 1  2  Go


Angel Falls   Venezuela      it is the highest waterfall in the world
at 979m (3,212 ft)
Go Go Fotos Fotos 1  2  Go


Go 1
Serengeti Migration   East Africa   migration of wild animals Go Go Fotos Fotos 1  2  Go



Honorary member!

The Universe   our home is in the Milky Way Galaxy - one of millions of galaxies Go Go Fotos Fotos 1  2  - -


 *If we didn't find a Webcam or VR Tour, we show you Fotos  (most of the world uses "fotos" instead of the English word "photos" and so do we)


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