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Nightlife - pleasure-seeking activities at night, such as nightclubs, bars, piano bars, cocktail lounges, dance clubs and where to party around the world. Fun after the sun goes down. Wikipedia is developing an article on nightlife.  Some travel guides have a section on Nightlife.  Virtual Tourist has excellent nightlife coverage from real travelers.

The best way to find out about nightlife in a city is to use a search engine and type in <city name> + nightlife, example Bangkok Nightlife. Or use one of the other keywords to go with the city name such as cocktail lounges, nightclubs or night clubs, etc.  The terms nightguide or night guide are also popular on the web.


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We drop you off at search results for Nightlife in the Travel Book section.  Just add a city or country name to "Nightlife" that is already in the search box to narrow your search to a specific place.


Best Worldwide Nightclub Guides  online and free

Nightclub Guide The NightGuide service has been online publishing free Internet nightlife guides and calendars since 1993. The NightGuide Network presents guides to local nightlife worldwide. You can search for a city in 2 ways on their website: type in a city name or city name plus category  (e.g., dance) , or by finding a city in their city listed under a continent. Once you are on the city page, they have a detailed overview of the nightlife in the city. You can then search by locations (sections) within the city or by category (dance, sports, general bar or pub.) or use their Search box. If you search by category, it will again be subdivided into locations within the city.
NightlifeGuides.net Another beautiful, comprehensive website covering nightclubs around the world. co
Global Hangover Guide One of the most comprehensive website for nightlife that we have run across. You can select by  some cities directly or by country and then a city. Once on a country page, you can sort by name, street, city, flirt factor, drink quality, ambiance, or area. They have also categorized establishments (bars, cantinas, bistros, hotel bars, etc.) which you can also use to narrow your search. 
ZagatSurvey -Nightlife They cover some major U.S. Cities and about half the states and a few cities in other countries in their excellent way. Once you are on the city page, they have many options to find a particular place. 
WorldClubs.net Select a continent and then a city. When on the city page; select by an extensive list of music, venue, or cultural types.  You can pick multiple selections from each type and multiple types. They then list and link to the websites for the clubs that fit your selections.
Pubclub.com They cover a few places in Europe, Australia and mostly some popular U.S. cities. Excellent information for what they do cover.
AsiaByNight Excellent coverage of nightlife in Asia.
DMOZ Open Directory Once you pick a country and city destination, click on Business and Economy and then on Restaurants and Bars and then on Bars and Clubs. (You will probably not find bars and clubs for a city by typing in a DMOZ search such as Munich Bars and night clubs. You just have to take the long way around - drilling down to get there!

Some Online Travel Guides with Nightlife sections

Time Out Excellent city information including an extensive nightlife section for many cities of the world.
Virtual Tourist This popular travel site has a nightlife section for cities provided by inputs from real travelers.

Best Bars of the World. The World's Best Bars. Survey of bars around with the world. Includes customer reviews.
Esquire Best Bars in America.  This is the magazines list from 2006.
AskMen.com Top 10 Nightclubs in the World.  Their list of the top 10 nightclubs in the world.
Where To Party Worldwide

Party Travel.  Offers several books on partying worldwide.

About.com - Student Party Guide.  Worldwide partying guide for students -links and articles.

Eat, Drink and Party in Japan.  Excellent guide to having fun in Japan.

About.com -Dance Clubs Worldwide.  The most comprehensive web list of dance spots and discos worldwide.
Henry's Dance List.  Where you can dance worldwide organized by the type of dancing.
DanceSpots  This is the net's largest dance directory with information on where you can dance or get dance lessons worldwide.
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