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Olympics Travel
Summer Games,
Beijing, China  8 - 24 August, 2008
This is our Olympics Travel page with information for travelers visiting the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic games in Beijing, China. We have links to websites that can help you plan your trip and have a more enjoyable and safer experience while in China. Many people will be combining their attendance at the games with sightseeing in China outside of Beijing.  Please see our China page for tourist information and links to good websites to help you plan your sightseeing or other adventure outings in China.  We also have a city information page for Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and even Shangri La. And you thought Shangri La was just a book and two movie versions!

We also have information on upcoming Olympic games and a look back at the history of the Olympics. 
Summer Olympic Games  Beijing, China    8 - 24 August, 2008

Official Olympics Websites

Great Olympics Trip Planning Websites



*exceptional site                Some Websites

Official Olympic Ticketing Go      
     Official Beijing Olympics Site   Ticket Information    
          In USA, Canada, Australia
          and EU
Go Cosport    
          In U.K. Go Sportsworld    
Beijing 2008 Olympic Blogs Go Site 1   Site 2    
China Visa Requirements Go      
Beijing 2008 Olympic Flights Go


          From USA Go      
          From U.K. Go      
     From Australia/New Zealand Go      
Beijing airport information  Go SKYTRAX Forum* Wikipedia

Go to taxi stand outside Arrival Hall and ignore offers from taxi hawkers (touts) on the way to the Taxi Stand. They will charge you more than a regular taxi. 

Beijing transportation options Go Wikipedia Articles
City Buses


Bicycle Rentals
Rickshaw Rides

When going by taxi from your hotel, take along a card in Chinese that has the name, address and phone number of your hotel.  Also have the hotel write down in Chinese your destination to show the taxi driver as they do not all speak fluent English.

Olympic Travel Guides Go Amazon.com - China
Amazon.com - Beijing
Amazon.com - Olympics
China and Beijing DVD Videos Go Amazon.com - China
Amazon.com - Beijing
Learn Some Chinese Phrases Go Chinese-Tools.com*


China and Beijing Maps Go Wikipedia-Venues    
Olympic Accomodations Go Bookingsitravel*


*This is the best Beijing hotels availability status website we have found. We put in sample dates of 6-26 Aug 08.

   Hotels Go Beijing Hotel Rooms    
   Budget Hotels Go      
   Hostels and Dorms Go      
  Bed and Breakfast and Small Inns Go

B & B in China*

Olympic Games Packages Go

Beijing Guide

Olympic Tour Packages Go

Beijing Guide

Olympic Sightseeing Go

Beijing Guide

Olympic Scams Go Beijing Olympics email scam    
Personal Safety in China Go      
Personal Safety at the Games Go      
Shopping and Bargaining Go    

There are a lot of fakes - don't buy from street hawkers (touts) as name brands are probably fake.

State stores have set prices. Other stores in bazaars give you the chance to bargain.  Strategy - offer half the opening price and look like you're ready to walk away when they shake their head no.


Upcoming Olympic Games - a look ahead

The Olympic Games - a look back in history
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