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Around The World Travel

Around the World (ATW) travel is usually accomplished by air with stops in countries around the world.  This major travel experience is also commonly referred to as Round The World (RTW) travel, and sometimes - Circle the Globe.  Besides going primarily by air, there are also around the world cruises. And you can certainly plan a more elaborate and complex ATW trip that combines air, land and seas travel for different segments. There are some travel sites that specialize in planning around the world trips, especially if you are not already a world traveler. We have found some good sites that will help you plan an around the world trip and also help save you money on tickets.  Note: This information is for travelers using commercial transportation and not for solo sailors going around the world in their own boat which is another classic round the world adventure.
Here are some useful travel books for those planning to go around the world.

First Time -Around The World

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

The World's Cheapest Destinations

The Practical Nomad

Traveler's Tool Kit

The World Awaits

Work Your Way Around The World

Lonely Planet - The Travel Book

Make Your Travel Dollars Worth A Fortune

General Travel - Around The World

Travel Library - Round The World FAQ  Comprehensive and practical advice for traveling around the world.
Wikitravel - Round The World Flights  Lengthy article and links regarding around the world flights.
About.com - Around the World and Other Long-Haul Travel.  Excellent article and links.
Around The World Travel Guide     This is an excellent guide with easy-to-follow chapters from Perpetual Travel.
Major Airline Alliances - Around The World Options:    Star Alliance   and     OneWorld    Students   Statravel

AirBrokers  They have detailed descriptions and costs for around the world air tickets.
Open Directory - Around The World Travelogues  This is a list of websites that people have created telling about their around the world experiences.
BootsnAll - Round The World Tickets   Excellent resource with information organized under five, step-by-step categories - Inspiration, Plan, Book, Go, After Your Return.
TransitionsAbroad-Around The World  A well-written article that provides three options for round-the-world RTW airline travel, with a discussion of the pros and cons for each one.
JustFares-Around The World Trip Planner  They have an online Justfares Multi-Stop Trip Planner. Creating your own Around The World, Circle the Pacific or unique multi-stop trip is made easier using their tool.  However, you do have to submit your custom itinerary to their travel agent for a price quote. 
Circle The Planet  They specialize in Around-The-World Tickets.
Around The World Tickets   Here are some of the itinerary ideas (with prices) they have for round-the-world journeys.
Luxury Travel - Around The World Trips and Cruises
 Also see our Luxury Travel topic for luxury travel to various places in the world.
1st-Air Net.  They specialize in first class air travel.
USAToday - Around The World Cruises.  A 2007 article about the world cruises offered by cruise lines.
How To Book A Luxury Cruise Around The World   A step-by-step guide for selecting and booking a luxury cruise that sails around the world.
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