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What is a Jungle or Rainforest?

Tropical Rainforest Map

Rainforests of the World

We love jungles and rainforests and hope you do too. Here are some wonderful sites that have information on the jungles and rainforests of the world including travel information. There are temperate and tropical rainforests and jungles.  To search on the web, use the country or jungle or rainforest name + rainforest + jungle (e.g., Amazon Rainforest Jungle) as they go by both names.

Yahoo Tropical Rainforest Organizations.  The best list of tropical rainforest organizations we have found.
Google - Forest and Rainforest Organizations.  Many of these organizations offer tours and volunteer activities. Google uses the DMOZ Open Directory data base for this topic.
Rainforestweb. One of the best websites with worldwide, comprehensive information about rainforests organized by region and country.  Plus other related information and answers to just about any question you may have about rainforests.
Rainforest Action Network   Another well-known organization dedicated to protecting not just rainforests but other forest land and jungles of the world.
The Nature Conservancy - Rainforest   Protecting nature and preserving life is their motto. This is the Rainforest section on this well known conservation group's website.
Volunteer Work
Google "Rainforest Volunteer Work"  An extensive list.  If you have a specific country or rainforest you want to volunteer for, do a search on <country/rainforest name> Rainforest Volunteer Work (e.g., Brazil Rainforest Volunteer Work).
TravelGate Working Holiday Directory   Good information about rainforest and wildlife volunteer projects.

Rainforest Ecology Tours



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Rainforest Tours Google Search  <place> Rainforest Tours  or search for <place> Jungle Tours
Africa Asia Central America Madagascar
Alaska Australia India Oceania


Canada Indonesia South America

Planet Rider Guides: Rainforests  A List of good websites covering various rainforests in the world.  They rate each website by content and ease of use.

Specialty Travel Index  A good website with lists of tour companies covering different types of travel activities.  Look under their Select/Activity for Jungle Expeditions and Rainforest categories.

Thank you Wilhelm Schimper

The term "rainforest" was invented by a German botanist named Wilhelm Schimper in 1898 to describe forests that grow in constantly wet conditions. They occur where the annual rainfall is at least 80 inches (2,000 millimeters) and spread evenly throughout the year.  Rainforests are also called jungles. They are found in temperate as well as tropical regions, but the best-known ones are the tropical jungles clustered around the equator in South America, Africa and Asia.

There are many varieties of rainforests. These include the flooded mangrove forests along coastlines of Asian Islands, the high altitude cloud forests of South America, temperate rain forests of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska, and tropical forests.  Although rainforests grow in more than 50 countries, about half of the total rainforest area of the world is located in three countries: Brazil with 33%,  Zaire with 10% and Indonesia with 10%.

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