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City Transportation

includes city buses, subways, surface rail systems. taxis and sightseeing tours.
This page lists websites with information on city public transit systems worldwide.  Also see out Airport-City Transit page for how to get to and from airports in the world. See our City Sightseeing box at the bottom of the page.
Finding books
  • We have a link to the Amazon.com Travel section if you care to search their website for a book on city transit systems. Your best bet is to search by a city name.

  • Type in the name of a city and then either a general term like "transportation" or "transit" or use a specific type like "subway" or "buses"

  • Examples: Rome city buses or Rome buses. London subway, Berlin city transportation.

 Travel Section

Amazon.com Travel Guide Section


All city travel guides will have information on city transit systems.  If it is not detailed enough, is a print edition that is several years old, or a website that does not have links to more detailed information in your language, do a web search using the city name and any of these variations:

Examples:  London buses   New York City transit system   Buenos Aires city transportation   Paris subway schedule
                 Moscow bus map   How to get around in Rome   Berlin city buses


DMOZ Open Directory Transit Systems - Regional.   We drop you off at their list of continents. Select the continent and then the country of the city you are interested in.  Normally you will also have to select a state or province.  Or just use their search box and enter the city name + transit system (e.g., Hong Kong transit system).

City Rail Transit Systems
metros, subways, rapid, underground or elevated rail and light rail systems

Wikipedia - Worldwide Rapid Transit Systems.   An excellent chart of cities around the world with rapid transit systems with brief descriptions and links to a system's website when available.
Wikipedia - Worldwide Light Rail Transit Systems.   An excellent chart of cities around the world with light rail transit systems with links to a system's website when available.
Wikipedia - Worldwide Suburban and Commuter Rail Systems.   An excellent chart of cities around the world with suburban and commuter rail systems with links to a system's website when available.
Wikipedia - North America Commuter Rail Systems.   An excellent chart of cities in the United States and Canada with links to their official commuter rail system websites.  Includes photographs.
Urbanrail.net  They have information of rail transit system for major cities in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa including route maps. photographs and practical information and links to that cities own transit website.
Worldwide City Transit Systems.   The New York City Subway organization has a page listing transit systems not only in the New York City area but throughout the United States and the world with links to their websites.
CityRailTransit.com.   A comprehensive list and links to city rail transit systems around the world. Their List page is one of several ways to get to a specific city. It lists all the cities they cover. Don't be upset by the fact they organized it by year a system was constructed. Just click on the years and the next page will have the detailed information and links to  the city rail transit websites shown. It also includes books and videos.

City Buses

Europe Trams and City Buses.   Tram and city bus information for selected major European cities.


Subway Picture Gallery.   Beautiful pictures of 11 of the top subways in the world.
The Subway Page.   This is a very comprehensive source of links to worldwide railroads, subways and trams. They are listed in alphabetical order by cities of the world.
Paris Subway SystemThis site covers transportation in and around Paris, France.  It also includes information on how to get to Disneyland Paris.
Subway Navigator.  This is the premier subway site on the web. It is a comprehensive guide to all the major subways of the world listed by country and city.  You can select departure and arrival stations on a subway line using the station names, or you can select station names from a list or from a subway map. It will give you the estimated time between the two stations and maps and lists showing intermediate stations. The only thing missing is a list of tourist sightseeing places related to a station.  For that you will need a good guide book. 


When doing a web search, enter the city name and the word taxis  (e.g., Tokyo taxis). Not only will you get links to taxi companies but also links to websites with advice on selecting a taxi and how to avoid taxi scams and be safe. Dave's Travel Corner has a good, detailed taxi article with tips about the many ways that taxi drivers can take advantage of you and what you can do to avoid being taken advantage of. 

DMOZ Open Directory - Taxis.  Select a region and then a country.  This directory is not comprehensive the last time we checked and there were not extensive listings for regions and countries of the world. But we are sure it will fill out in the coming years.
Take a Taxi - USA and Canada .  TakeaTaxiUSA.com is a searchable online taxi service directory for all cities in the United States and Canada.  Pick a state or province and then a city.  A window will pop up with a list of taxi companies and their phone numbers. The site is accessible using any web-enabled cell phone and PDAs. 
Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association (TLPA).  We take you to their Find a Ride page where you can search by a city name and get a list of their members and a link to their website.
Google Ridefinder.  This is Google's experiment with providing a map-based, real-time location of cabs and shuttle vans in cities in the United States along with contact information. They have about a dozen cities so far.
City Sightseeing

City Sightseeing Tours
This is a great way to see a city if you only have a few days to spend there or to get an initial city orientation.  When doing a web search, enter the city name and either city sightseeing tours or city tours (e.g., Tokyo city sightseeing tours, Tokyo city tours)

City-Sightseeing.com.  They have city tours in the United Kingdom and in other cities in Europe and the world.
Viator.com.  This is an excellent website with worldwide coverage for activities to do in a city.  You select a city and your arrival and departure dates and they will list information on all the city tours, things to do, day tours, show tickets and other activities including prices. They select reputable, quality local tour operators. You can also make reservations online for those activities.
City-Discovery.com.  This is another excellent website with worldwide city sightseeing tours. They select reputable, quality local tour operators. You can also make reservations online for those activities.
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