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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Train Travel
Ah, the romance of the rails!  We love trains and the world needs more of them. Here are links to train resources on the web. If you are interested in expensive, luxury train travel, see our Luxury Train page.  There are certain famous train routes in the world that are considered Great or Classic train journeys because of the distance covered, history, scenic landscapes, engineering marvels such as tracks through tunnels, or because they are vintage locomotives and rail cars, or are very modern, high-speed trains.  Some of these great train trips are luxury trains and some are regular trains running on a memorable route. Sometimes both normal passenger service and luxury train service are available for the same route. 
The Chunnel  This is the official website of the Channel Tunnel, nicknamed "The Chunnel". It has information on taking the train trip under the English Channel through the "Chunnel" via the Eurostar train. Wikipedia has an excellent article on the building of the Chunnel.
Luxury Trains
This is our page on Luxury Train travel.
Rail Passes This is our page on Rail Passes.

Infohub-Railway Journeys  An excellent list of worldwide train tours. Go to their Tour Package Query page, select Railway Trips under the Special Interest Category and then other options (price range, dates, a specific country or worldwide) and submit.

World Famous Rail Journeys.  An excellent page at Railpass.com with information on world famous rail trips.

Wikipedia - Trains provides a good overview of trains and they have many other pages related to trains such as their Famous Trains page.
DMOZ Open Directory - Rail Operators.  Excellent worldwide rail coverage or use their search box to find trains for a specific country or city.  They also cover subways.
RailAgent.com.  Excellent worldwide rail coverage.  Check out their online rail maps for major countries of the world.
RailroadData.com.   One of the most comprehensive railroad website with over 5,000 links to railroad related sites. Nicely organized by categories on their homepage. It is both a railroad directory and a railroad search engine.
Rail Serve.   One of the best and most comprehensive train directories on the web.
Routes International- Rail.   Beautiful, very comprehensive website covering train travel worldwide.
TrainWeb.   This is the best train site on the web that we have found. It covers everything from worldwide passenger and freight trains to model trains. Click here to go directly to their Passenger Rail Travel section where they have an excellent coverage of U.S. and Canadian passenger rail service.  They also have links to worldwide passenger rail sites. 
Trains Unlimited Tours.  They have an excellent worldwide train website.  There pictures of trains of the world will make you want to leave and hop aboard!
Train Tours.09.  A clean, single page list of links to many of the best train tour webistes.
The Rail Travel Center  They are a U.S. company that is a long-time specialist in rail tours worldwide.
Intourus   Covers Independent travel on Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian Routes.
International Railway Links   This super collection of railway links covers not only the world of real trains but also model trains. You can use their A-Z Search Bar or type in what you are looking for in their local site search window.
Intraportal- Trains   Excellent worldwide coverage.
Should you take the train or a car to get around Europe?  About.com's Europe for Visitors has a good article comparing the two ways to see Europe to help you make up your mind.

The Sunday Times (London) - The Complete Rail Guide To Europe.  Excellent article and links.
RailEurope.com.  Your European rail experts. They have been in business for over 60 years and have the most comprehensive and best website for finding out about and booking rail travel in Europe. You can find out about and purchase every European rail pass available.
Eurostar.  This is the website of the passenger train service under the English Channel (no vehicles - see Eurotunnel).  Eurotunnel trains carry people and their cars, coaches, campervans, caravans and motorcycles.)
Eurotunnel.com  This is the official website of the Eurotunnel. Here is their Passenger section.
Eurodestinations.com  This is a good United Kingdom travel agency site that includes information, links and bookings for European rail travel, as well as, for other travel services.  We drop you off at their rail travel section.
Eurail.com  Eurail is an alliance of 27 European Railway companies and shipping lines. Eurail offers Rail Passes to non-European residents who want to explore Europe in the best way - by train, of course. This site covers Europe and lets you put in a "to and from" city, date and time to find trains that fit your planned schedule.
Traintraveling.com - Europe Tours  Excellent list and links for well-known European train journeys.

Great Train Trips of the Americas.   They cover train excursions to the United States (New England Fall Foliage Express, Texas Gold, Rail, Sail and San Antonio Express, Pacific Coast rail & Sail, Mexico's Copper Canyon, Trans Canada by Rail, California to Alaska by Rail, Canyonlands, and a Scenic Colorado train journey.
United States

Amtrak.   This is Amtrak's home page where you can find out everything you want to know about traveling by Amtrak in the United States.  Amtrak is the U.S. government provided rail service.
The Grand Canyon Railway  Relive the excitement of the Old West aboard an historic train to America's Grand Canyon national Park. Grand Canyon Railway departs daily from Williams, Arizona with a variety of ride options.
The Rail Travel Center  They are long-time specialist in rail tours for the U.S and the world.
eToDo.net Their Trains and Rail Transportation section is an excellent source of rail travel information for the United States.  They include a table with all the states listed so you can find out the train trips that originate within a state.
Rockies by Rail

Train trips through the "Rockies", the nickname for the Rocky Mountain range which extends from Canada south into the western United States.

American Orient Express  GrandLuxe Rail Journeys. Luxury travel through the Rockies and other parts of the U.S.
Amtrak  They have three trains that pass through the Rockies: the California Zephyr, Empire Builder and Southwest Chief.
The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway.  Steam engine train trips from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado.
Rocky Mountaineer Rail tours.  They have spectacular train tours across Western Canada that includes passing through the Canadian Rockies which is the northern section of the Rocky Mountain range.
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