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A blog is a personal journal that is kept by someone and made available to the world , often with daily updates.  What someone used to keep as a journal or diary of their thoughts has now been turned into an electronic web log, nicknamed weblog and since shortened to simply blog that can be seen by anyone who has access to the web. Blog entries are usually displayed in reverse order with the most recent entry first. 

Naturally, travel blogs are blogs about travel.  They are someone's personal travel experiences when out and about in the global village. Now when you step off the bus in a faraway place, you can tell the world about your experience in a few hours.  Sometimes, you can tell your story or observations as they unfold on the bus, train, plane, or boat.  These are first-person accounts of your experience on the 3rd rock from the sun.  They include travel tips and good and bad experiences that await a traveler in a far off land. Many of them are very well written and may include photographs or videos.  This planet will never lack for travel writers!  Blogs are now being tagged.  Tags are keywords that relate to a particular blog.  Wikipedia has a a good article on tags as related to the web and blogs.
For an interesting short history of the origin of blog and blogging, see Wikipedia's Blog article.

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Section Name Description
Some Favorite Travel Blogs Lists compiled by well known sources.
Travel Blogs By World Regions We drop you off at the Travel Blog's section for the region, country or Blog Search page if they only have blogs by countries in the region.  We also include a link to our own Destination Page for a region and selected countries.  All links also open in new windows.
Some Popular Travel Blogs Here is a list of some of the most popular travel blog websites.

Start your own free travel blog or travel diary at the Travellerspoint Travel Community!

Some of Their Favorite Travel Blogs
Frommer's USAToday Inflighthq Travel & Leisure BudgetTravelOnline Mendicott

 The 7 most influential travel bloggers of 2007 plus links to other Elliott articles on bloggers.


Travel Blogs By World Regions

Region/Country We drop you off at the Travel Blog's section for the region, country or at the
Blog's Search page if they only have blogs by countries in the region

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Some Popular Travel Blogs
Travel Blog Description
Google Blog Search-Travel This is a special search capability for blogs.  It lets you not only search by subject but allows you to select a date-range (e.g., last 12 hours, last day, etc. or you can select your own date-range.  That way you can filter out 3-4 year old information which may not be relevant anymore. 
BlogTopSites This is their travel blog section. They provide statistics on the most popular travel blogs.
Globenotes Excellent worldwide coverage. "share your adventure"
Technorati - Travel Blogs List over 37,000 travel blogs with a Fan rating (number of fans of the blog).
TravelBlog.org The TravelBlog.org website is a collection of travel journals, diaries and photos from people around the world. The site includes features that allow you to update friends and family on your travel adventure. They have a nice interactive map for regions of the world that let you click on a country to go to the Travel Blog for it. Start a free online travel website.
TravelBlogs.com Travelblogs.com is a premier travel, culture and photography web magazine that features blogs about destinations and activities of interest to travelers worldwide on their Where page or by activity or interest on their What page.
TravelBlogger.net Share your journey with TravelBloggers.net.
Travellerspoint - Travel Blogs "Inform yourself, be inspired, or start your own travel blog to share your experiences."
TravelPod "The Web's original Travel Blog". Excellent website. Clean interface. Interactive regional maps.
TravelPost Blog Daily travel advice, tips and ideas from TravelPost.com and around the web.
RealTravel "Real People. Real Advice. Real Experiences." (TM) A beautiful, well laid out, comprehensive travel blog website.
BlogTopSites/Travel They maintain statistics on blogs such as number of unique visitors. This is their Travel blog section.
Worldhum.com/Weblog "Travel dispatches from a shrinking planet." This is Worldhum.com's travel blog section.  The blogs are formatted as travel articles.
MyTripJournal.com They provide personal travel websites.
Upgrade: Travel Better Mark Ashley writes this business travel blog with humor and a godd news sense.
Gridskipper.com This website is one of the favorites of many travel sources.
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