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What a sunset! Wish you were here. These travel guides, websites, and directories are some of the most popular out there.  Most offer comprehensive travel and destination information. We have also included some guides covering special areas, such as backpacking.  Country guides usually include information on cities, while city guides usually only cover cities.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

Click on the appropriate letter-group to find a travel guide by name. 


Country Guides  F-J
Fielding Guides (no website)

Buy at Amazon.com

For the experienced traveler. Uses icons (e.g., by rail, by air) to help you select your interests.  It has lodging, food, and sightseeing lists that includes a rating system. Although it has little detail, there are maps and black & white photos.
Find Our Community
Find our Community is a beautiful, easy-to-use website with a map-based interface to get to a country or city.  Once on the country or city page, they have a short list and links to popular websites with travel information and maps for that place.
Fodor's Travel Guides

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An excellent site with extensive coverage of U.S. and world places. You can also create your own mini-guide.
Footprint Handbooks

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They have extensive worldwide coverage with travel guides for countries, regions of countries, continents and cities.  They also have guides covering specific activities (e.g., surfing worldwide).  
Forbes Traveler
This is a beautiful website oriented toward luxury travel where you can get information to plan your trip. make reservations and buy your tickets. They have excellent destination information including articles by destination experts and the 10 best of things topics at a destination (e.g., 10 best golf courses, etc). 
Frommer's Travel Guides 

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We have always liked the Frommer's travel guides. Their on-line site is first class!   Consider it as a budget travel agency on the web. We can also drop you off at their Destinations section if you want to go directly to countries. Some articles from Arthur' Frommer's Budget Travel magazine are on line also. There is also a daily newsletter.   Any budget traveler will enjoy this site.
A beautiful site with good historical and geographical information about selected countries. It also has travel information.
Globetrotter Guides Buy at Amazon.com
A worldwide series of travel guides for cities, countries and regions.


In our opinion, this is one of the best travel sites on the web.  It is beautifully laid out, easy to navigate and has comprehensive travel and destination information. It is a travel magazine, travel agency and travel guide all rolled into one.
Google     Recreation/Travel Directory  and  Destinations  (provided by DMOZ)
Great Destination Guides Buy at Amazon.com
These guides cover cities and regions of the United States. Well written, they include how to get there, and where to stay, eat, shop, and play. Includes an index, maps and black & white photographs.  Check the publication year and some guides have not been updated in a while.
Great Eats and Sleeps Guides (formerly Cheap Eats and Sleeps Guides) Buy at Amazon.com
Sandra Gustafson has spent many years sleeping and eating in budget accommodations, finding those that are clean, comfortable, and often charming, and eating in budget restaurants in European cities and countries.  She has also done a lot of shopping and offers appraisals of both well-known and little-known shops.  She pays her own way and her information is objective and unbiased. Great Eats and Sleeps Guides provide informed, personal appraisals like a friend would give you after a trip.  Besides European cities and countries, she has a guide for eating economically in Greater Vancouver and San Francisco.  If you are a budget traveler, this is a nice companion to your typical travel guide.  Her website also has some Great Tips on Shopping, Eating and Sleeping.
Green Guides Buy at Amazon.com
These are from Michelin and have cultural and practical information for regions, cities and countries of the world.
Guide 105

Extensive world-wide travel information with easy navigation. They have various categories to choose from, as well as, the normal world region, country, region within a country and city search feature.  The hotel side panel on their home page let's you select a hotel by city, amenities, hotel name (optional) and hotel type. Very well done with comprehensive information!
How To See The World

This is the title of a free, online book written by John Gregory, who has visited over 35 countries. It is subtitled "The Art of European and World Travel Backpacking on $25 a day".  In it, he details all aspects of seeing the world as a backpacker or independent traveler in 25 well-researched chapters.  We thank him for offering his experience to the world. 
HM USA Travel Guides

This is an excellent, comprehensive list of travel guides for each state of the United States.

This is a wonderful site with lots of interesting content. A very beautiful site that is well laid out. "Every day, more and more people from every corner of the world are seeking to study, work, and travel abroad. Here at iAgora, we believe that this phenomenon is creating a category of people whose open-mindedness, desire to learn, and human values make them true world citizens. Not surprisingly, these people enjoy each other's company. iAgora is a website created as a meeting place for such internationally-minded people and that's why we call our members Internationals ."

They are an online travel agency in association with National Geographic that specializes in finding you a tour. A beautiful website where you select a region of the world or country and activities and then they provide information about the place and a list of tour companies.
Igougo.com  * * *  
A beautiful and comprehensive, worldwide series of travel guides. Easy to navigate.  "I-Go-You-Go"  Their information also includes recommendations from other travelers. Meet the people behind the advice. You can share your own reviews and photos to earn rewards.
Independent Traveler  
An excellent website that has extensive travel topics and destination guides, as well as, being a full service travel agency where you can book airline, hotel, car rentals and make other reservations. 
Insider's Guides (no website) Buy at Amazon.com
A worldwide series of travel guides covering cities, countries and regions within countries of the world with an extensive collection of guides for cities and places in the United States.
Insight Guides Buy at Amazon.com
Excellent series of guides covering countries of the world with special guides for certain places such as the Nile River or East African Wildlife.  They are visual guides.  The beautiful photographs and narrative descriptions make this a guide to read before your trip or at your leisure. The latter part of the books contain tourist information. Includes maps and many color photos.
Insight Pocket Guides Buy at Amazon.com
Smaller than regular Insight Guides (about 5" x 8") but not exactly pocket size. These guides cover destinations worldwide and major US cities. Arranged geographically by itineraries. Brief descriptions, maps, and color photos. (also known as Insight Compact Guides.)

This is a beautiful, very comprehensive travel gateway with lots of travel information.  It is organized by categories but it also has a search capability to let you find something quickly.
In Your Pocket Country Guides

This excellent series of web country guides covers mainly the countries of Eastern Europe including Russia. "In Your Pocket guides are brimming with copious amounts of information presented in a concise and clever manner. Travel wisdom not always found in even the bulkiest of books."  Discover everything that you need to know about a country.

This is a wonderful travel portal with lots of travel information.  It is organized by categories but it also has a search capability (site and web) to let you find something quickly. There is also a free Johnny Jet Travel letter you can subscribe to and receive via email.  Also see their Johnny Jet's Credit Card Reward Guides.
Just Marvelous Walking tours Buy at Amazon.com
Jeanne Oelerich's walking guides to popular cities in Europe are well praised by travelers who have used them. They are easy to take along and allow you to plan your day and time around the places you want to visit. They are compact, and very comprehensive, with large, easy to read maps of specific city areas that shows major attractions as well as lesser known ones; lists good restaurants and great places to view the city. views. There are usually some museum floor-plans, brief histories, plus general travel and packing tips. Includes a glossary.   For online walking tours, also check out Infohub's Walking Tours.
City Guides  F-J
Fodor's City MiniGuide

We list Fodor's in both our City and Country section and in this section of their website are wonderful web city guides for cities around the world. Easy-to-navigate, excellent information.
In Your Pocket City Guides

This excellent series of web city guides covers a wide range of cities of Europe including Eastern Europe. "In Your Pocket guides are brimming with copious amounts of information presented in a concise and clever manner. Travel wisdom not always found in even the bulkiest of books."  Discover everything that you need to know about a city.
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