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Travel Photography
You do not have to be a professional photographer to take good travel pictures and you do not have to take a photography course.  What is the difference between taking regular pictures and taking travel pictures? Not much.  You do need to understand the need for using setting to compensate for motion when either you are moving as you take a picture, such as in a car or on a train, or the subject is moving, or both. And you may be where there are special weather conditions like dust, cold or extreme heat or humidity.  Lighting is always an issue.  Lighting and composition are the key things that make a great picture.

There are some simple rules you can learn to help you take good pictures. Of course, in these days of digital cameras, if you don't get the picture quite right, there are software tools you can use to fix many of your problems. Here is a collection of web sites with advice and tips on how to take better pictures including some special help in taking better pictures or videos when traveling. 

Also don't forget to take your camera instruction booklet with you, especially when you do not use your camera often.  There are some features that may come in handy like how to take extreme close-ups at some point in your travels.  Read the manual on the flight to your destination.  If you have a digital camera, be sure to take enough memory sticks, If you have a laptop, you can buy a flash drive to transfer your pictures to your laptop or other storage device. 

We also have some good links for how to take good cellphone pictures and if you snap a famous person or news event, where to sell it.  There is a box at the bottom of the page that covers Photography law.


Camera Security

  • Always put your camera and film, or flash sticks, in your carry-on luggage.
  • Camera Security Using Camera Security Straps. When traveling overseas to “tourist hot spots” you need to be aware of “cameras snatches,” or “cut and run” camera thefts. and how to protect your camera gear from these types of thefts – this article gives you a basic understanding of the subject
  • Traveling With a Digital Camera.  Tips on traveling with a digital camera including airport and hotel room security.
  • Traveling with your Photo Equipment.  Advice from Photography.com.


This will take you to Travel Photography Books at Amazon.com

Travel Photography

Digital Travel Photography

Lonely Planet - Travel Photography

Lonely Planet - Wildlife Travel Photography

Lonely Planet - People Photography Lonely Planet - Landscape Photography

We drop you off at the Camera and Photo section
at Amazon.com. 

Taking Travel Pictures
About.com - How To Take Better Travel Pictures 101.  A good set of basic rules all on one page.
CNN - Tips for taking better Travel Photos. Interview with professional photographer Richard I'Anson, author of "Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures"
PC World: Digital Focus: Traveling with Your Digital camera.  Packing it, protecting it, and security tips.
PhotoSecrets Tips.  Tips from professional photographers for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers. They also have specific tips for taking travel photosClick here to  go to their extensive list of other web sites that offer travel photography tips.
National Geographic Traveler Photography Tips from the professional photographers at National Geographic on how to take great travel pictures.
Fodor's Focus on Photography  With the assistance of author and photographer Jeff Wignall, Fodor's has created an outstanding guide to show you how to take great travel pictures: You'll be taking picture like a pro in no time! They include almost 100 easy-to-follow tips, with accompanying photos, that cover every aspect of travel photography.
HP - Digital photography tips and techniques: How to take better photos.  Extensive articles about digital photography to help you take better pictures.
Kodak: Photographing Vacations and Travel  Kodak has done a wonderful job of giving you tips on taking great pictures.
Kodak: Kids Travel Photography.  Advice for kids taking travel photographs.
Photography.com - Travel   This is the results of a search of their site for "Travel" that lsist their artciles on travel photography. 
How To Take Good Pictures with your Cellphone.  You can do it. It's easy.
Time Saving Tips for Traveling with Techno-Gear.  Sailing through airport security and other tips.
Taking Travel Videos 
Many of the travel photography websites also cover taking videos as well.  Here are some more.
Videomaker - Travel Video - Five Tips To Tote Your Gear. Excellent article about taking along video gear and shooting travel videos.
Tips for Taking Better Pictures and Videos.  Professional Advice to Improve Your Digital, Film and Video Images
Selling your Pictures and Videos 
Here are links for submitting your cellphone or camcorder pictures and videos to news organizations.
 CNN MSNBC  Celebrities   Politicians Yahoo/Reuters News  

How To Sell Your Photographs and Videos Online.  Excellent descriptions of various intermediary services that you can upload your photographs and videos online (any digital format including camera phones) and share licensing fees if they are able to be sold.

PhotoSecrets.  How to take and sell pictures.

Wikinews: Original Reporting.  Good information about how to write a news story to go with your pictures.

Picturephoning.com.  Article about camera phone reporting.  See the list of related topics on the right hand side of the page.

Reiter's camera Phone report. A popular blog on camera phone use.

Have Cellphone Camera - Will Report  Good article about the issues with trying to sell camera phone pictures and working with news organizations including how payment is made.

Why Everybody is a Reporter.  A good article about using cellphones to take pictures.

WikiHow - How To take and Sale Celebrity Photos. O.K. That's where the money is at!

Peoplepaparazzi.com.  This is one of the best online places to sell your amateur paparazzi pictures.

Google - Selling Camera Phone Pictures of Celebrities.  A good set of links on how to do it.


Photography Laws

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