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A wonderful thing has happened in the global village. The appearance of WiFi hotspots as the location of WiFi networks are becoming to be known.  They exceed over 100,000 places in the world and are growing rapidly.  These are wireless networks you can access from WiFi capable device such as a laptop computers and iPhones. 

Here are some good websites with comprehensive directories of WiFi locations in the United States and worldwide.

 Worldwide Wifi Hotspots

Travelpost.com -International Airport Wireless Internet Guide. Excellent list and detailed information about wireless capabilities at airports worldwide.
Ipass Hotspot Finder. Good search capability with one of the largest coverage we have found - over 70,000 locations..
Wikipedia - Hotspots.  Excellent article about Internet cafes and links to comprehensive cybercafé directories.
DMOZ Open Directory - WiFi Hotspots Directory.  They have a good list of WiFi Hotspot locator websites worldwide 
WiFi 411  Another excellent, comprehensive WiFi locator directory.
Google - Worldwide WiFi Locations.  Good list of comprehensive WiFi locator websites.
WiFi Free Spot   Excellent coverage of free WiFi locations in the world.
 United States-Only Wifi Hotspots
Wifiareas.com.  You can search by state, then city, or enter a Zip code.
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