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Notes:  Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.  There is no official flag for Antarctica. We show flags of countries who claim parts of it. From left to right- South Georgia Islands, Great Britain and French Antarctica flags.



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The DMOZ Open Directory Project has comprehensive links to websites for cities and places of the world. Clicking "DMOZ Directory  - Travel" will take you to their Directory for this city or place. Clicking "Go To Place" will take you to the Travel and Tourism section for it.  Well-done DMOZ!

About-Travel Go To Place is one of the top website on the Internet.  Their country and city information and associated links are excellent.  Clicking on "Go To Place" will take you to their information and links for this place.


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Click on "Go To Places" to go to the Travelocity General Tours page for Antarctica and Arctic deluxe tours.


This travel agency site contains travel information and on-line travel services including reservations and ticketing.  It did not have information on this place the last time we checked.  Clicking on will take you to their home page.

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We love the Lonely Planet web site. They offer practical, down-to-earth, travel advice just like their wonderful travel guides and phrasebooks. They also have links to other sites with information about a place. Clicking  "Go To Place" will take you to their page for this place.


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