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Place Languages
Afghanistan Pashto and Eastern Farsi* (co-official), Turkmen, Uzbek   *Eastern Farsi is also known as Dari or Dari Persian.
Alaska English, and native languages including Eskimo, Aleut and Tlingit.
Albania Albanian
Alderney English, French, Norman Patois
Alexander Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Algeria Arabic, Berber, French, Kabyle, Riff, Tamashek
American Samoa English, Samoan
Andaman Island Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam
Andorra Catalan, French, Spanish
Angola Portuguese (official), Mbundu - term for two languages- Umbundu and Kimbundu, Kongo, Chokwe, Lwena (Luvale), Lunda
Anguilla English
Antarctica English, French
Antigua and Barbuda English (official)
Arctic Eskimo, Aleut and Tlingit.
Argentina Spanish (official), Italian, German, Yiddish, and various Indian languages.
Armenia Armenian (official)
Aruba Dutch, Papiamento
Ascension English
Australia English, and various aboriginal languages including Aranda (Arunta) and Murngin.   The Australian name for their dialect of English is Strine.
Austria German (official)
Azerbaijan Azeri (official), Armenian, Russian
Azores Spanish
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