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Cambodia Khmer and French (co-official),  Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, and tribal languages such as Cham.
Cameroon French, English (co-official),  and native languages such as Bulu, Duala, Fang, Fulani , Mbum, Yaunde.
Canada English, French (co-official),  and Indian languages such as Cree, Micmac, Mohawk, Ojibwa (Chippewa) Eskimo is spoken in the far north.
Canary Islands Spanish
Cape Verde Portuguese (official) and Portuguese Creole which varies from island to island.
Cayman Islands English
Central African Republic French (official),  Banda, Gbaya, Sango
Chad French (official), Arabic, Maba, Mbum, Sara, Teda (Tibbu)
Chagos Archipelago English
Channel Islands English, French
Chechnya Russian, Chechen, and other languages.
Chile Spanish, Indian languages including Araucanian
China Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Gan Chinese, Hmong, Jinyu  Chinese, Min Bei Chinese, Min Nan Chinese, Northern Zhuang, Uyghur, Wu Chinese, Xiang Chinese, Yue Chinese
Christmas Island English, and various aboriginal languages including Aranda (Arunta) and Murngin.
Clarence Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Cocos Island English, Cocos
Colombia Spanish, Indian languages including Arawak and Carib
Comoros Arabic, French, Comorian (all official)
Congo French (official), and hundreds of native languages including Kingwana, Luba, Kongo, Lingala, Lunda, Mongo, Ruanda, Mangbetu, Zande
Congo Republic French (official), Lingala, Kikongo (Kongo), Kituba
Cook Islands English (official), Cook Islands Maori
Corsica, French island French
Costa Rica Spanish, Indian languages- Bribri and Cabecar
Cte d'Ivorie French (official), and native dialects including Dioula
Coulman Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Couverville Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Cozumel Spanish
Croatia Croatian (Serbo-Croatian)
Cuba Spanish
Curacao Dutch, Papiamento
Cyprus Greek, Turkish
Czech Republic Czech
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