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Gabon French (official), native languages including Fang.
Galapagos Islands Spanish (official)
Georgia Georgian (official), Russian
Gambia English (official), Mandinka, Wolof
Germany German
Ghana English (official), native languages including  Adangme, Dagomba (Dagbane), Ewe, Fang, Ga, Gurma, Twi.
Gibraltar English (official), Spanish
Goudier Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Greece Greek, Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian
Greek Islands Greek, Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian
Greenland Greenlandic (official), Danish
Grenada English
Guadeloupe French, Guadeloupe Creole
Guam English
Guatemala Spanish, and Indian languages including Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Mam, Quiche.
Guernsey English, French
Guinea French (official), Fulani, Gola, Kissi, Loma, Malinke, Susu
Guinea-Bissau Portuguese (official), Balante, Fulani, Malinke, Portuguese Creole
Guyana English (official) and Amerindian dialects
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